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The 2008 Formula One season was the 59th FIA Formula One World Championship season. It began on 16 March and ended on 2 November with eighteen Grand Prix races. Lewis Hamilton won the driver's title while Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro won the constructors' title The following drivers won during the 2008 season · Lewis Hamilton · Kimi Raikkonen · Felipe Massa · Robert Kubica · Heikki Kovaleinen · Sebastian Vettel · Fernando Alonso
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Who was the youngest Formula 1 Champion?

On November 2, 2008, Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain became the youngest man to win the driver's championship (at the age of 23 years, 300 days) as he defeated Felipe Massa by one point to win the 2008 Formula 1 World Championship. Hamilton was born January 7, 1985.

Where does Formula 1 take place?

Formula 1 is a global form of motorsport with races held all around the world. Currently in 2008 there are races in Europe, North America, The Middle East, Asia, South America, Indonesia, and Australia for a total of 18 races overall.

Who is current US Formula 1 winner?

Answer . Lewis Hamilton won the United States Grand Prix held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on June 17, 2007.

How big is 1. 08 inches?

A little over an inch...about the size of a stamp.. .0625 is 1/16 inch. 1.08 in would be just over 1-1/16 inches.

Formula 1 car displacement?

The current engine size for Formula One cars are 2.4 Litre V8's. This rule has been in place since the 2006 Season.

What is the top speed of a Formula 1?

depends completely on the cars aerodynamic setup, gear ratios, ect. The highest recorded speed however of an F1 car was by the 2005 Honda F1 car which reached a flash reading of 400km/h at Bonneville however because it could not reach it on the way back its official speed record 397km/h. The quickes ( Full Answer )

Who is the best formula 1 driver?

Micheal Schumacher has won the most championships (seven) so i think it is him! Alonzo, for a number of reasons. First, Vettle is not in the running until he can show he can drive a car from behind. Alonzo has won more than one championship and always gets the best from his car, and he does it consi ( Full Answer )

What is Formula 1?

It is the name of a high speed car racing sport.. Formula 1 is the name of a series of motor races held in various countries throughout the world. Fangio Schumacher Prost Mansell & Senna are among famous world champions in the history of the sport.

What is the hp in a formula 1 car?

Nowadays is around or below 800 hp given the current restrictions. Back in middle 80´s turbo engines were peaking over one thousand hp´s.

Who was the winner of Roadies 1?

Roadies 1-Rannvijay Roadies 2-Ayushman Roadies 3-Parul Roadies 4-Anthony Roadies 5-Ashutosh and Roadies 6-Nauman Winners of MTV Roadies: . Season 1 - Rannvijay Singh . Season 2 - Ayushmann Khuranna . Season 3 - Parul Shahi . Season 4 - Anthony Yeh . Season 5 - Ashutosh Kaushik . S ( Full Answer )

British Formula One Winners?

A total of 9 people from Britain have won the formula one world championship. . Jackie Stewart . Jim Clark . Graham Hill . Mike Hawthorn . John Surtees . James Hunt . Nigel Mansell . Damon Hill . Lewis Hamilton

When was Formula 1 invented?

The Formula One series has its roots in the European Grand Prix Motor Racing of the 1920s and 1930s. The "formula" is a set of rules which all participants and cars must meet. Formula One was a new formula agreed after World War II in 1946, with the first non-championship races being held that year. ( Full Answer )

Formula 1 winners prize money winners?

If the question is "What is the prize money paid to a Formula 1 winner?", the strict answer is "none".. Drivers sign a contract with their team at the beginning of a season and this lays out the financial terms. It is not just a flat rate salary but includes bonuses for final race position, practic ( Full Answer )

In which year were there 11 different winners in formula 1?

\n. \n1982\n. \nThe Winners were:\nAlain Prost,\nNiki Lauda,\nDidier Pironi,\nJohn Watson,\nRiccardo Patrese,\nNelson Piquet,\nRene Arnoux,\nPatrick Tambay,\nElio de Angelis,\nKeke Rosberg &\nMichele Alboreto.

Why formula 1 is called formula one?

The racing "formula" refers to the rules for building the cars, and governs things like engine sizes and the size and shape of the car in a lot of techinical detail. Formula One is so named for being the number one racing Formula in the world. That is to say, the rules are the least restrictive a ( Full Answer )

Who is the Winner of formula one in abudabi?

Type your answer here... Sebastian Vettel won the first race at the yasmina circuit and Lewis hamilton had the pole hope this helped Kumaran diehar f1 fan

What is the Formula 1 in France?

At the moment there is no Formula 1 race in France. The last race there was at the Magny-Cours circuit in 2008. The race in 2009 was cancelled and there have been no further races in France since. The closest is in Monaco which is still a yearly fixture on the calender

How did formula 1 begin?

Formula One began out of previous Grand Prix racing. The Formula in Formula one is the allowed specification for cars to race in this class.

How does a formula 1 car start?

Very good question, i know plenty of car racers and car lovers who wouldn't be able to start an f1 experience car on the first try. This is how it goes: First, a huge 'Prod' like is plonked/plugged in quickly into the back of the car, where the gearbox is usually, with the driver being already in th ( Full Answer )

What is the German formula 1 driver?

A Formula 1 driver who was born in Germany is called a German Formula one driver. There have been/are many famous f1 racing drivers from Germany. Some of them are Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg etc.

What was Formula 1 called in 1994?

Formula One has always been called Formula One. It has never been called with any other name. Some people shorten formula one and called F1 and apart from these 2 terms the event does not have any other name.

How has formula 1 hepled society?

It's given the world technological innovations. Disc Brakes, safer seat belts, better highway barriers, and kenetic energy recovery systems all came from Formula 1. It's also given countries national heroes i.e. Michael Schumacher for Germany, Aryton Senna for Brazil, and Jody Scheckter for South Af ( Full Answer )

Who is the formula 1 winner 2011?

Sebastian Vettel became the Drivers' Champion in 2011 with four Grands Prix (rounds/races) to go. Red Bull Racing, Vettel's team became the Constructors' Champions at the following race. Vettel won 11 races, but his team-mate Mark Webber, and other World Champs Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Fe ( Full Answer )

How do you get in formula 1?

Well to get into F1 it takes about 12-15 years you start when your 8 years old and you go into Go-karting Championships then you move up through the racing years and if you are good enough you will end up either in a racing seat or in a test drivers seat.

What is the size of a Formula 1 track?

These are the F1 tracks from the 2010 season: Abu Dhabi: 5.522 KM Australia: 5.272 KM Bahrain: 5.381 KM Belgium: 6.963 KM Brazil: 4.283 KM Great Britain: 5.110 KM Canada: 4.336 KM China: 5.419 KM Europe (Spain): 5.387 KM Germany: 4.547 KM Hungary: 4.355 KM Italy: 5.760 KM Japan: 5.773 KM Malaysia: 5 ( Full Answer )

How is a Formula 1 car powered?

2013 had a 2.4 liter normally aspirated V8 engine I have read that in 2014 season regulations have changed to a 1.6l turboed V6

What does DRS stand for on formula 1?

DRS (F1) is a Drag Reduction System. It works by opening the rear wing on certain straights to reduce drag on the wing.

Can you drive a formula 1 on the street?

No Mainly because the F1 car does not conform to DMV regulations for required equipment and accessories. It has open wheels and can cause accidents. If it had closed in wheels then it could be used on the street. Also it needs to run at a high speed to keep cool and at low street speeds would ove ( Full Answer )

What is the lollipop man in Formula 1?

The lollipop man is the one pit-crew who indicates to the driver: 1. Where his pit box is, 2. When to put his car in first gear, and 3. When to leave his pit box, when the driver comes into the pits during the race. He is named thus because the signboard he holds resembles a lollipop. Some teams ( Full Answer )

How where the final 5 winners to win the Australian formula 1?

Fernando Alonso (2006) Kimi Riakonen (2007) Lewis Hamilton (2008) Jenson Button (2009-10) Sebastian Vettel (2011) So in every year apart from 2010, the driver crowned Formula one World champion won the Australian GP.

Who first winner formula one ress?

Giuseppe 'Nino' Farina won the inaugural Formula One Grand Prix on May 13th, 1950 at Silverstone (British Grand Prix). He went on to win the World Championship that year.

Who were the winners of glee project 1?

Damian McGinty and Samuel Larson won 7 episodes each (both were extended) while Lindsay Pearse and Alex Newell won 2 episodes each

Was the winner from survivor season 1 leaked?

Yes. At the beginning of the first season a tabloid TV show (whichone) escapes my memory. But the story ran as an "interview with thewinner 'Richard', of the upcoming show Survivor".

How many spanish winners are there in formula one?

To date of there is only 32 Formula 1 GPs where a spanish driverhas won a race and all of them goes to Fernando Alonso. For whatraces he won see related link. If you meant about the drivers championship then it was 2 back in2005 and 2006 by Fernando Alonso.

Who are the current Ligue 1 winners?

As of the 24th of March, Paris Saint-Germain F.C. are currently leading the table with 73 points, 10 points ahead of Monaco. .

Who was winner of world war 1?

The alliance including Great Britain, France, and the United Statesforced an Armistice with Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey.Russia, who had been part of the alliance, entered a separate peacewith Germany, earlier.