100 greatest sports stars?

Since its not 100 "athletes" i believe it is less controversial. In my opinion a sports star dominates their sport is extremely popular and well known. I do not havve time to go through 100 but i can give my opinion on the top 10

1. Michael Jordan
2. Muhammad Ali
3. Jim Thorpe
4. Babe Ruth
5. Jim Brown
6. Wayne Gretzky
7. Tiger Woods
8. Secretariat
9. Michael Phelps
10. Pele

Some may question a horse being in the top 10, but he was dominant, still holds the track record at all 3 triple crown tracks and captured the hearts and minds of the American people.
Obviously a debatable list, heck I question some of my picks, but that's how I see it right now, and obviously this is an American list.