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109 e in the pt?

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Although it is a mistakingly incorrect number (too low), it is commonly said to be elements in the Periodic Table

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What is the number of the PT on which JFK served?


What is PT 109?

PT 109 was a US Navy patrol tordedo boat commanded by John F. Kennedy in 1943.

What are the release dates for Pt-109 - 1976 VG?

Pt-109 - 1976 VG was released on: USA: 1976

What is Kennedy's PT boat?

PT 109 Also see the movie by the same name.

Who was the commander of pt 109?

John F. Kennedy

What was jfk's ship called?

It was designated "PT-109".

What was John F. Kennedy's movie?

PT 109

What is the name of Japanese destroyer that sunk pt 109?


Does Taurus firearms make a model PT 109?


What was the film with pt boats?

In Harm's Way, starring John Wayne; and PT 109, starring Cliff Robertson.

What boat did jfk command in World War II?


What are the release dates for Navy Log - 1955 PT 109 3-6?

Navy Log - 1955 PT 109 3-6 was released on: USA: 23 October 1957

What was the president that got hurt on the pt 109 boat?

John F. Kennedy

Where was the movie PT 109 filmed?

Ramrod Key in the lower Florida keys.

What did jfk do before he was a leader?

he was in the US navy and served manly on PT 109.

what does a Taurus PT 109 look like?

See the related link at the bottom.

What book did John F. Kennedy write and what prize did it win?

PT- 109

How do you find the number of amps in the equation E equals Pt?

Energy E= Pt = I2Rt give I= square -root(E/Rt)

What are facts fromJFK's younger years?

President JFK saved a buddy while serving on a PT boat (Pt-109) when he was in the Navy. He attended Harvard University.

What was PT-109's primary function?

The principal offensive weapon was the boats torpedoes. Typically, the primary function was to take out enemy ships.

What was the name of John Kennedy's famous boat during World War 2?

PT 109

What was JFK's favorite candy bar?

According to the movie "PT-109", it was Hershey Chocolate Bars

Why did JFK get the Navy and Marine Corps medal?

For saving the life of a shipmate after the sinking of the PT-109.

What actor played John F. Kennedy in the movie PT 109?

Cliff Robertson

What did JFK have to do with the PT 109?

John F Kennedy was the commanding officer of PT 109 when it sank in the Pacific. He suffered a back injury during the events immediately following the incident that plagued him throughout the rest of his life. The severity is only now coming to the attention of the public.