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Q: 14 images that will make you feel weirdly uncomfortable?
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How do you know when A guy has gone overboard?

When you feel uncomfortable or when he tries to make you uncomfortable.

What is to make someone feel uncomfortable?

going ahead

To make a person feel very ashamed or foolish?

If they did something wrong, pressuring them can make them feel uncomfortable

How do you feel about basketballs?

they make me extremely uncomfortable in serious situations

How do you be annoying to brother?

Follow him around and make him feel uncomfortable.

Would religion make children feel uncomfortable if yes why?

Yes because if your child was religious because you are he or she might feel uncomfortable about it if other people aren't.

What does Scout do to make Boo Radley feel less uncomfortable?


Do introverts make others feel uncomfortable?

On a one to one basis an introvert can make some individuals uncomfortable, but some people just think the introvert is shy and will prattle on without feel uncomfortable which is the best way to go when facing an introverted person.

Why does your nine year old daughter feel uncomfortable hugging her twin sister and older sister?

Because it makes her feel uncomfortable,like it or not she is growing up and hugging does not make her feel grown up

Can you date your former psychiatrist?

sure as long as it doesn't make him or her feel uncomfortable.

Why do Japanese cartoon characters make me feel uncomfortable?

Because you touch yourself at night.

What do you do when your boyfriend doesn' t feel comfortable with you yet?

Ask him why he is uncomfortable and hold his hand make him feel like he is protecting you