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Military time uses a 24 hour clock with no repeated times. The hours are numbered 0100 through 2400, so for the first 12 hours of any day, military time will be the same as a conventional 12 hour clock. However, after 1200 (12:00PM) military time keeps counting up. 1300 (1:00PM), 1400 (2:00PM) and so on. So in this case 1800 would be 18 hours into the day, or 6:00PM.

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1800 Hours (Army or USAF time) or 1800 (USMC time) is 6 p.m. civilian time. Both the military and Europe use the 24 hour clock, which begins at midnight, so 1800 is 18 hours past midnight.

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Q: 1800 hours in military time is what time in normal hours?
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