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The molarity is 0.001255. Should you really be asking an AP Chem question on Wiki Answers, anyways?

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Where should you first be able to see the DNA in the solution?

You have not given enough information for your question to be answered. In what kind of solution is the DNA dissolved?

What is boiling out a solvent?

Boiling out a solvent is when you heat up a solution to a high enough temperature that the solvent (liquid) evaporates, leaving behind whatever you have dissolved.

Is sodium fluroide an elctrolyte?

Yes: If sodium fluoride is dissolved in water, the solution will conduct electricity, as will pure sodium fluoride if it is hot enough to melt.

How does dissolving take place?

Dissolving takes place when you are trying to make a solution out a mechanical mixture by adding a solute (something that gets dissolved) and a solvent (something that does the dissolving) together and when there is enough solvent to dissolve the all of the solute. When all of the solute is dissolved it becomes a solution which usually appears to be clear.

How do you balance k2cr2o7 h2so4 c3h8o3?

This question seems Impossible to answer. Because, Not enough information is given. What isC3H8O3. Maybe glycerol I think.

Is tap water a solution?

In reality, yes, it is. Tap water contains dissolved minerals and gases. Certainly it is "clean" enough to drink, but there remain a number of dissolved elements and compounds that were not removed during processing. And there were a few things added, as well.

Why the more the volume of solvent thefaster sugar dissolves in water?

When enough sugar is dissolved into the solvent (water) , or goes 'in to solution' , that no more will dissolve , the solvent is said to be 'saturated'. The more solvent you have the more sugar you can put into solution. No more sugar will dissolve once the solvent (now your solution) is saturated.

Why when you are heating up a water and salt solution that the water bubbles?

If you're heating it strongly enough to boil, then because it's boiling. If not, the bubbles are probably dissolved air coming out of solution. The solubility of gases in liquids goes down as the liquids are heated.

What happens to sugar when it is dissolved in water?

Sugar becomes what is know as aqueous( dissolved in solution with the water) this is the process of water molecules breaking and surrounding ions in he sugar so for each sugar molecule several water molecules will be bonded to it thus why if you put enough sugar into water it cant dissolve all of it as there are not enough water molecules to surround the sugar.

When solid is dissolved in a liquid?

When a solid is dissolved in a liquid, the liquid is said to be the solvent and the solid is to be the solute. The liquid that you get after dissolving the solid into the liquid is called the solution. When a solute dissolves, the solvent particles attract the particles of the solute away which breaks the cluster of particles apart. After dissolving enough amount that the solvent cannot dissolve more, the solution is said to be saturated. It is the state when the solution cannot dissolve anymore solute. The opposite of solution is suspension. A suspension is when the solute cannot be dissolved (that is, it is insoluble) into the solvent and stays suspended in the solvent. A suspension is translucent and the suspended particles can be easily seen. While, in a solution, the particles are soluble and complete dissolve into the solvent. A solution is transparent and the particles are too small to be seen through naked eyes.

What is formed when solid is dissolved in a liquid?

A solution, which means that there is two states mixed together (solid and liquid). It is technically a liquid, because area is stable but shape is no, but you can separate the solid from the liquid easily enough.

What happens if not enough oxygen in the water?

If there is not enough dissolved oxygen in water then most things will not be able to live in it.

When 80 g of sodium hydroxideNaOH are dissolved in enough water to make 500 mL of solution the molarity of the solution is?

80 gNaOH / 500 mL = (80 gNaOH / 40 gNaOH/molNaOH) / 0.500 L = 2.0 mol / 0.500 L = 4.0 mol/L

What is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 36.0g of NaOH in enough water to make 1.50L of solution?

what is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 36.0g of NaOH in enough water to make 1.50 liter of solution?

What is the concentration of hydrogen ions in solution when 0.30 mol of nitric acid are dissolved in enough water to make 500.0 mL of solution?

H + and NO3 - are one to one, so no ratio needed here.Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution (500.0 mL = 0.5 Liters)M = 0.30 moles HNO3/0.5 L= 0.60 M H + ions in solution===================

What is the difference between the exact solution and a approximate solution?

An exact solution is the accurate solution, whilst an approximate solution is only near enough

What happens when not enough calories are comsumed?

If enough calories are not consumed your body becomes weak. Your body starts absorbing energy from the fat in your body. After the fat is absorbed tissue is dissolved to make your energy. After that bones are dissolved.

Which term describes a system with no solution?

Just saying "no solution" is good enough

How do you prepare a 50 percent solution of sodium hydroxide solution from 97 percent sodium hydroxide pellets?

Actually a 50% solution of sodium hydroxide would be made using enough water to total 100 mL of solution if using sodium hydroxide pellets or crystals. 50% of the total weight of the solution not 50% of the weight of the water used. As suggested by the first answer, the solution would be about a 33% solution. percentage solutions are weight for weight. Therefore 50% solution would be 50g of sodium hydroxide dissolved in 100g (100mL) of water.

A solution that does not contain enough solute?

A solution that only contains a small amount of solute, is a dilute or very dilute solution.

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