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If you have an 1887 Morgan dollar with the Carson-City mintmark, it's fake. So take a good look at the coin again and post new question.


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There were no silver dollars struck at Carson City in 1887. Any 1887 dollar with a CC mint mark is a counterfeit.

Please look at the coin again. No 1887 Morgans exist with CC mintmarks.

No Morgan dollars were struck at the Carson-City Mint in 1886, 1887 or 1888. Any coins with these dates and "CC" mintmarks are fake.

1887 CC doesn't exist. The Carson City mint only minted Morgan Silver Dollars from 1878 through 1885. After 1885, production ceased, only to later resume production of Morgan Silver Dollars from 1889 through 1893 (the final year). If you're asking because you bought an "1887 CC", then you should know right off the bat it's a fake.

The value of a 1883 uncirculated cc silver dollar is $200.00 or more but,not over than $250.00

Keep in mind that not all silver dollars have the CC mintmark. If your coin does have a CC mintmark it would be above the DO in dollar on the back of the coin.

There were no 1888-CC Morgam silver dollars minted.

You are going to have to provide the year the coin was minted - the mint mark 'CC' (Carson City) was minted on multiple year Silver Dollar coins.

The earliest Carson City silver dollar is the 1870-CC Seated Liberty dollar.

CC refers to Carson City, Nevada where the coin was minted.

Yep, they do exist. CC means they were made at the Carson City mint.

On the reverse side between the letters and the eagle

In 1877 Morgans were only minted at Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Carson City didn't mint any silver dollars during 1886-88.

If you have a 1895 Morgan with a Carson-City mintmark it's fake. 1893 was the last CC Morgan dollar.

If it has any mintmark, it's on the back under the eagle and above the DO in dollar.

A morgan silver dollar cost minimum 30 dollars but if it has a "S" or a "CC" mintmark it can sell up to 130 dollars.

Current retail is $75 to $100 depending on condition. It varies a great deal : 1882 CC Morgan Silver Dollar A EXTRA FINE Coin $95.00 1882-CC Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-65 $300.00 1882-cc Morgan Dollar PCGS MS66 VAM-2B $1000.00

The mint mark position on all Morgan-design dollars is above the DO in DOLLAR. No mint mark = Philadelphia O = New Orleans CC = Carson City S = San Francisco D = Denver (1921 only)

If it has the CC mintmark it means it was made at the Carson City mint.

CC is the mint mark for Carson City, but that mint didn't open until 1870.

It means that the coin was minted in Carson City, Nevada.

Yes. It could have a CC or S mintmark.

Generally speaking, the Carson City silver dollar will have a greater value than one minted elsewhere during the same time period.

The Carson City Mint did not exist in 1842, so no Liberty Seated dollar dated 1842 could have a "CC" Mintmark.

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