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how do replace an accellerator cable on a 1973 bug

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Q: 1973 Beetle accelerator cable
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How have to do to replace alittle bulb ob the VDO on super beetle 1973?

How I have to do for replace a little bulb on the ODO speedometer cable on 1973 Super Beetle ?

How do you fix the speedometer and odometer on a 1973 Super Beetle?

i own a 1973 super beetle and when i bought it i had the same problem. we fixed it by replacing the speedometer cable on it. the cable runs from the front, driver-side tire and goes in to the back of the gauge it gets a little tough unless you have tiny hands but that fixed it for me.

What is the length of a 1973 vw super beetle?

decode vin 1973 Volkswagen beetle

What year was the alternator installed on beetle?

1973 standard and super beetle

How do you install an accelerator cable on 1974 beetle?

Unfortunately I have had to replace an accelerator cable several times (I've owned a 1973 beetle & currently drive a 1977 super beetle convertible). The first step is to get the correct replacement part. BE SURE TO KEEP THE NUT AND WASHER FROM THE BROKEN CABLE (in the engine compartment side). As far as procedure, I suggest taping the threaded end of the new cable to the severed end of the old cable. You can then pull the cables from the engine compartment. If you should encounter that this is not possible, then you need to insert the new cable (threaded side first) through the opening in the driver's compartment and then feed it through for as long at it will go. You will encounter a point at which it will not go any further. This is where it gets tricky. This is the point at which you will want to secure the new cable to the accelerator pedal (kinda tricky, but it will eventally fit). Once that is done, you will need to crawl under the left (driver's side) rear wheel and find the end of the new cable (it is not necessary to jack up the car). The next step is to find the opening to the engine compartment (it is usually a long, narrow metal cylinder/tube) (kinda like a straw) and then feed the cable through that opening. Once you get it through the opening, you will need to insert it through the assembly where it terminates. At that point you can put on the nut to keep it in place. GOOD LUCK!

What is the wheelbase of a 1973 super beetle?

10w30 same as a 73 standard beetle

What is the value of 1973 beetle?

approx. $1,400

How do you tow a 1973 super beetle?


What carburetor goes on 1973 beetle?

You can fit quite a few. Here's the web address for one:

How do you repair speedometer cable on 1973 super beetle? I highly advise that you go buy a Haynes Manual from the above website or your local Auto Repair shop. Cheers!

When was Swindon Cable created?

Swindon Cable was created in 1973.

What size motor is in a 1973 super beetle?

1600 cc.

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