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You may want to check your air filter, and also see if anything is clogging up the intake ducting

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โˆ™ 2006-08-03 19:01:32
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Q: 1986 olds regency 98 sounds like it is starving for air?
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Why wont car stay running sounds like its starving for gas?

Maybe your fuel pump is broke.

You can get your 86 fiero to start but it wont stay running?

Check the fuel pressure on the Fiero to start with. It sounds like it could be starving for fuel.

1986 Lincoln town car ac works fine until moderate throttle is applied then the blower motor slows to almost nothing and heat is felt out of the vents?

Look for a vacuum leak either under the hood or under the dash - sounds like it is starving for vacuum and blend door is closing

Why does your 89 camaro only run when pumping on gas pedal quickly?

Without seeing it, it sounds like it is starving for fuel. You need to check fuel pump pressure.

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sounds like idling too low udjust it in front of whre linkage hooks to srew it in further

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Your 1994 OLDS Regency 98 stalls in high heat after driving ten or more miles but the engine is not overheating What else can cause this?

Sounds like the ignition module located under thecoil pack is breaking down from heat.

Why would a 1986 Calais GT die but start back up after about 5 minutes?

sounds like the coilpack may be getting hot

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