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I have a 2003 astro with the same problem, it was the blower motor

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Q: 1988 Chevy Astro only blow air through the windshield what is wrong?
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What is wrong when your gauges on dash board stop working on your 1997 Chevy astro van?

what is wrong when your gages on dash board stop working on your 1997 chevy astro van?

What happens if you put the wrong kind of oil in your Chevy Astro van?

morelikly nothing , just replace it with the right one

How do you replace radiator 2000 Chevy Astro Van?

Replaced radiator in 2ooo astro cargo van with new one from auto parts wharehouse now oil cooler lines leak at radiator whats wrong

Why does the power steering and brakes go at the same time on a 1993 Chevy astro van?

Because it has a hydraulic booster that supplies both systems and something is wrong with it.

What is wrong if the windshield wipers on a 2002 Chevy Impala will not go down when you turn them off?

Replace the paulse board that's attached to the wiper motor.

What is wrong with my 1996 Chevy Astro no dash lights no tail lights I tried the headlight switch Any ideas?

Dash lights and tail lights are on the same fuse.

What is wrong with a 1996 Chevy Astro van if it runs well but smells like gas on the inside?

My 93 astro did that, It has a cpi (central port injection) It looks like a spider with lines going to poppets. they were leaking. You need to replace the cpi as a unit

What is wrong if the wiper of a 2002 Chevy Impala goes off the windshield?

The linkage bushings are worn/missing/broken or the wiper arms are not timed properly to the wiper transmissions.

How do you Set timing in 1997 astro 4.3?

Go to ths site. It says you can not change the timimg on a 97 astro. as of now I am looking to do that to mine since it keeps misfiring. It states that the computer does the timing work. So if the ditributor cap is on wrong that causes it to misfire.

How do I determine why my Chevy Astro Van does not start after changing the fuel pump and electroic regulator?

wrong fuel pressure, didn't purge the line or the fuse is blown. not a OEM fuel pump?

What is wrong with a 1990 Chevy Astro that has a wobbly front end the tires are good?

The alignment on your front-end tires may be off, it would be a good bet to take your car to a mechanic.

What wrong if your windshield wiper does not move?

its broken......