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It's the overdrive engage button, which is like a 5th gear. It only engages when the gear lever is in 4th gear and it can be operated without depressing the clutch.

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Q: 1988 Volvo 740 What is button on gear shift for?
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Why is the gear shift not working unless you press the Shift Lock release button on your 2002 Volvo C-70?

So that you don't shift the gear selector by accident

What is the w button on shift for a Volvo?

This button is for winter mode. The transmission will start in 3rd gear thus reducing wheel spin when starting from a stop in slippery conditions.

What does a shift light indicator mean in a 2000 Volvo s40?

Volvo is a great technology in vehicles. Shift light indicator mean the indication given, that the vehicle is now comfortable to shift the gear. For Example, the Volvo car is moving on 60 mph and you are moving on 4th gear the shift light indicator will blink reminding now you can shift a gear further mean you can move by gear 5.

Why will your 1993 Volvo 960 transmission not shift into high gear?

A common problem with alot of Volvo's is the Overdrive. Basically the high gear. If it wont shift into high gear it means that the "Overdrive" is activated and won't shift into high gear. You need to see if there is a little upwards pointing arrow on your Dashboard Cluster. If there is then you need to replace your Overdrive Solenoid.

What can you do if the gear shift button will not engage and the gear shift is stuck in park so you can't move your 1995 Corvette?

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Where is the overdrive button on a 98 Ford Taurus located?

On a 1998 Ford Taurus ; On the column shift the overdrive button is on the end of the gear shift lever On the console shift the overdrive button is on the drivers side of the gear selector lever below the button you have to press to shift out of PARK

What is the location of the overdrive button on a Kia Sedona?

The button is located on the left side of the gear shift. (right under the main shift button)

How do you remove 2000 Volvo s70 ignition key?

The cause of the key sticking in the ignition, after the car is turn off. This is caused by the button on the gear shift knob, not coming out all the way or sticking.

What it the button on side of shifter for 1990 Volvo wagon?

4th gear

Why would a Cadillac Catera not shift into low gear?

If your not starting in low gear check the little snow flake button next to the gear shift. If this has been pressed your starting in 3 rd. gear.

Gear shift lever button will not engage to move the gear shift lever out of park 2006 dodge stratus?

check the brake pedal switch

What is warning light S on 2003 Discovery Land Rover?

its not a warning sign, its the shift button. just press the shift button on the gear box.

What is the button on the end of the gear shift column in a 1003 crown Victoria?

I assume that is the button that allows you to turn off or turn on the overdrive for the transmission ( my Ford Explorer also has a button on the end of the gear shift lever for that purpose )

Why won't 1996 sportage 4x4 shift into high gear?

Button on side of gear shifter is pushed in!

How do you remove the gear shift head on a 1991 Volvo 240 with an automatic transmission?


What is man shift on a 1990 Ford Probe for?

a man shift is a manuel shift button it drops the car down a gear for passing and such

What is shift lock release?

The shift lock release is usually a button on the side of a shifter. The shift lock release button needs to be pushed in before the car can be moved from Park to another gear.

Keys stuck in ignition Volvo v70?

may be button on gear handle is stacked, check position of button, release it fully.

1990 Volvo 740. I'm stuck with a 3 speed really need 4th I've already checked the fuse is there a way to bypass this button?

If your button on gear shift knob will not turn dash light off & shift into overdrive it is check first fuse, then the solenoid on transmission most likely. IPD sells a kit to eliminate this problem about $40.00 +/-

Why does the clutch on a 1988 GMC Jimmy leak fluid but will not shift into gear?

It wont shift because its leaking fluid.

How do you turn on overdrive in Kia Sedona?

Thumb button located on gear shift.

How do you turn overdrive on in Hyundai accent?

Push in the overdrive button(located on the gear shift knob - below the shifter button).

Have a 2000 ford focus lx and the gear shift button fell out how do you fix this?

Is it the kind that has the button on top? Doesn't it screw on?

How do you turn off the od button light on your gear shift in your 1999 kia sephia?

on the side of the shifter there is a od button

What is the little button on the side of the gear shift lever for a 1997 Honda prelude?

isn,t that the over drive button