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I have found that a fuse was out on the right side kick panel. Once the fuse was replaced the failure warning went out.On the dash there was a "circuit 2 failure message on my 1988 XJ40 or XJ6. After some poking around I noticed that the fuse for the Auxiliary Electric Fan on the radiator up front was blown. I replaced it, but after another drive was blown again. Some more poking around turned out that the Fan was in a rather sorry state of rust and barely turning thus creating a short and melting the fuse as soon as the relay will try to turn the circuit on. The fuse is not really labeled properly (and I don't really remember right now what position it was) However it is controlling the AC relay and all that grouping, Fan relay also. Checked the wires and fuse socket for signs of melting from somebody that might have put a higher amp fuse but found no problems. So I got a nice new looking Fan from the junkyard and the problem dissapeared and never I have seen it again...The car had many electrical problems to the point that the Electronic display was starting to look like a Christmas tree dispaly, flashing through various varnings and driving me nuts. With patience and using the info I have found on the web I have eliminated them all, except for a bulb failure warning that is really for real and legitimate (I am missing the light on the rear left bumper corner) Strangely enough the warning goes away sometimes for hours at a time...I don't own the original manual that came with the car, howver I think I have just about all documentation that is available for the XJ40 cars plus all the info on the web but nowhere there is any reference to any of the misterious "circuit n failure" warnings... All the other were somewhat clearer: (ABS) and so forth but these were a puzzle. Hope this helps somebody Cheers!!!Hi! Circuit 1 is a 15 A fuse on the right under dash area. It burn because of a short circuit in the central consol it is one of the two cigar (under it the mass touch the +) Disconect it removing the center panel consol (it is under the "allume cigar")

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2011-09-12 14:00:22
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Q: 1988 jaguar xj6 vanden plas- on the dash it says circuit 1 failure?
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Check the fuses in the box in front of the drivers door panel

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What is circuit 1 failure on Jag 1989 XJ6 thanks?

I have a 1988 Jag XJ6 that presented a "Circuit 1 Failure" on the dashboard. The cause of the problem was found to be a blown fuse in the passenger side fuse box. I replaced the fuse and the error message went away. "Circuit 1" refers to the fuse box located behind the right-front passenger side kick panel. "Circuit 2 failure" would indicate a problem in the fuse box located behind the driver's kick panel. Lastly, a "Circuit 3 failure" message would indicate a problem in the fuse box located in the center console. I hope that helps! - Keith

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only buy on jaguar deales because is special mineral oil.

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