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1997f-350 brake pedal goes to floor?


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2008-09-12 11:56:07
2008-09-12 11:56:07

ouch,are brakes adjusted correctly/ sit in vehical and pump pedal to get a full pedal,then hold pedal to see if it bleeds off and goes to floor,if it stays, replace shoes and pads if it goes to floor, there is a fluid leak somewhere is there brake fluid in the resevoir/ are there any brake fluid leaks ,check backside of wheels there is a brake fluid pump, on the chassis rail about level with the front of the front door on the left side.if this pump is bad your pedal will go to the floor

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Attached to the brake pedal itself... if the pedal goes up towards the dash, you'll see it at the top of the pedal by the linkage... it's a simple contact switch. If the pedal goes into the floorboard, you'll have to open the hood and see where it goes through the floor... again, just a simple contact switch.

When you press and hold the brake pedal it will slowly move to the floor. It can also have a catastrophic failure and go straight to the floor with no stopping ability at all. If you hold the brake pedal down and it slowly moves to the floor any at all, replace the master cylinder.

Probable causes: Low or no fluid in reservoir; Worn brake pads/shoes; Air in brake lines; Leaking brake line.

sounds like you have a leak in your Brake Boost Controler, you should also check to see if there is any leaks in the vacuum lines that connect the engine to the brake booster.

Could be low brake fluid or just worn brakes in need of replacement. Could also be a faulty master cylinder.

Brake Pedal Goes to the Floor After BleedingAlthough there could be more than one reason, I suspect that even though you may have bled the brake system, AND the brake fluid reservoir is full, your brake bleeding was not successful, and you STILL HAVE AIR IN THE BRAKE LINES, or in the wheel brake slave cylinders.

did you bleed brake master if you did check brake hoses see if they move when pushing pedal down if it has rear brake drums see if wheel cylinders are leaking rear shoes could be out of adjustment

Usually means they probably didn't bleed the brakes or did not top off the brake fluid

The first suspect when a brake pedal goes all the way to the floor is an empty - or almost empty - master cylinder. It could also be a bad brake booster, a ruptured line, etc. The car should be TOWED to a repair facility, and the cause found and corrected before the car is driven again.

Sounds like a bad booster. If you can't pump up the brakes to get a firm pedal while engine on, you might want to have it checked. If they're ABS brakes and you hold the pedal firmly, it should feel like they're pulsating but the pedal shouldn't just go to the floor. Could be the master cylinder.

If you can pump the brake pedal and it firms up and then while holding pressure on it the pedal slowly goes to the floor the master cylinder is bad. It may be worn to the point that it will not build any pressure. If you pump it and it holds then it is probably air in the line. Very hard brake pedal is usually the vacuum booster.

it's very possible that its the anti lock brake booster. Its that round black ball with yellow lettering on the right hand side of your engine compartment. When that starts failing your brake pedal can go down to the floor or even kick back at you sometimes. The part is about $200.00, but you need a specialist to replace it because its under high presure.

try pumping up the brakes and see if that will give you a harder or higher pedal. sounds to me like you need to have the brakes bled properly to remove air from the system

Probably your emergency brake pedal. Try lifting up on your e brake pedal and see if id goes out.

The most common sign of a failing master cylinder is when you stop and while sitting there with your foot on the brake pedal, it slowly goes down toward the floor. Replace it immediately.

Master Cylinder internal seals are failing. Replace the Master Cylinder before you have an accident when it fails permanently.

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