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some possibilities are. low coolant level, open thermostat, pluged heater core,

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Q: 1999 f150 heater only blows cold air?
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If Heater blows cold air 1999 ford f150?

The most common cause of this failure is a broken blend door. Check for diagnostic information and an inexpensive fix.

1989 Ford F150 and the heater isn't working It only blows cold air What could be the problem?

The thermostat may be stuck open.

Your ford f150 heater blows hot then the temp hand goes to hot then the heater blows cold then it goes back to normal for the rest of the day?

You are in the beginning throws of blend door failure. Check for more information on diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Subaru legacy Why does the Heater only blows cold air?

check your thermostat, if that isn't it you might need a new heater core. had one put in my f150 for about $150. With my car, it was Heater matrix clogged with radiator sealant. The workshop cleaned it and it's start working fine!

Why is your 1999 F150 blowing cold air when the heat is on?

Low coolant? Defective thermostat? Heat control cable not adjusted properly? Heater core plugged or airbound?

Where is the heater core in a 1999 f150 4wd?

Burried behind the dash on the passenger side, good luck.

How do I replace the Block Heater 1998 F150 4.6L?

How do I replace the block heater in my 1998 F150 4.6L?

Why does your f150 heater blow cold air?

Low on coolant. Thermostat stuck open. Heater core plugged up. Temp blend door malfunction.

I had my heater core changed on my 1999 ford f150 and now when you turn on the ac it blows hot air how can i fix this?

The temperature blend door may not be hooked up or is not working. Check that the temperature can be changed in any mode of operation. It could be a disconnected or failed actuator also.

1999 F150 heater hoses outside diameter?

I don't know about the outside diameter of the hoses but, the outside diameter of the heater core inlet and outlet tubes are 3/4" (inlet) and 5/8" (outlet).

Is the 1997 f150 transmission is the same as the 1999 5.4 expedition?

Is the 1997 F150 Transmission is the same as the 1999 Expedition

Where is the blend door actuator on your 1997 F150?

How do I locate the heater blend door actuator in a Ford f150 pickup

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