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Two congruent geometric figures have the same shape and the same size, whereas two similar geometric figures have the same shape but they differ in size.

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1what is the difference between slavery and serfdom?

Google it and if that doesnt work than go wank

1What is the difference between cranial and spinal nerves?

cranial nerve arise from brain spinal nerves arise from spinal cord there are 12 pairs of cranial nerves there are 31 pairs of spinal nerves

1What is the way to approach a computer problem?

Depends on the problem, doesnt it?

When liaquat ali khan born?

1what was liaquat ali khan?

1What gas makes up the majority of the Earth's atmosphere?

What gas makes up the majority of the Earth's atmosphere

1What are the four questions an adjective will answer?

Adjectives answer the questions Which one, what kind, how many, how much, whose. Adverbs answer the questions Where, when, how, how often, to what extent.

200000 plus 60000 plus 2000 plus 800 plus 1what?

200000 + 60000 + 2000 + 800 + 1 = 262801

1what two elements did Dewey believe obstructed elementary education?

first being the American system of weights and second is complicated spelling.

1What are the three most important things to notice about an opinion poll?

1) Who took the poll? 2) How did they take the poll? 3) What question did they ask?

1What were Russia's allies during world war 1?

Serbia,France,Britain and the British Empire, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

1What is likely to happen if a patient is given mismatched blood?

This person will not survive. They will have antibodies for the mismatched blood that was introduced to their system, the blood will coagulate (thicken) and they'll die.

1what type of interface connects a device to the system unit by transmitting data one bit at a time?

A serial port is a type of interface that connects a device to the system unit by transmitting data only one bit at a time.

1What is the relationship between affluence and waste generation?

This answer is simple as a way to church for a christian. Affluence means who have sufficient money/ abundant supply. If a person has money he will buy things More he will buy things more is wast generation. Therefore Affluence is Directly proportional to waste generation. If you are satisfied with my answer send a message to me on chand@11.com on Facebook. I am from Faridkot,Punjab,India and thanks.

What country first used poison gas in world war 1what country first used tank?

Germany was the first to use poison gas - chlorine gas was the specific gas used. Britain was the first to employ the tank in combat.

What are the Important questions for biology 12Th state board exam Tamilnadu?

1what are harmones and what are the types of hormones? 2write the note on following 1.typhoid 2.metamorphosis 3.respiratery system Q3.phylums and their classes very important Q4.process of photosynthesis complete

1What are the top ten largest whales?

In order of largest to smallest Blue whale Fin whale Sperm whale Bowhead whale Sei Whale North Pacific Right Whale Southern Right whale North Atlantic Right whale Bryde's whale Gray whale

How does one start a Consulting Business?

How to start? Well first u need to check a few stuffs 1What licenses and certifications will be needed 2 I am qualified to become a consulant 3 am i orginazied enough to become a consulant 4 Do i like network? 5 do i have Long and short terms goals

1What three things do electronic hardware devices need in order to function?

1. voltage (difference in potential)2. circuit (path)3. a load (work to be done)#3 in the above answer is incorrect.Here is a simpler/more accurate answer to the question:Power supply (the device need electricity in order to run)Software (set of instructions to tell the hardware what to do)A method for the CPU to communicate with the device (i.e. a system, or data bus (aka the path)).Even more simpler is...1. Power2. Load3. Ground return

Which 1what was an indirect resullt of the Crusades in Europe 1The Declineof Feudalism 2The expansion of serfdom 3The Decrease of Power of Monarchs Or the declineof scientific knowledge?

Ahhh hellpp ! The question is supposed to be "what was the indirect result of the crusades on europe?" 1. the decline of feudalism 2. the expansion of serfdom 3. the decrease of power 4. the decline of scientific and medievel knowledge

1What is the product of the irrational roots of the equation 2x-1 2x-32x-52x-79?

Unfortunately, the browser used by Answers.com for posting questions is incapable of accepting mathematical symbols. This means that we cannot see the mathematically critical parts of the question. We are, therefore unable to determine what exactly the question is about and so cannot give a proper answer to your question.

1What are the aims and objectives of unicef?

UNICEF objectives v To provide a clinical service assessing and treating children with diseases. UNICEF aims v Through its country programmes v To promote the equal rights of children. Girls and women . v Support their full participation in the political, social and economic development of their communities. v Support children who are in need whether providing food to them or education.

What is a negatively charged subatomic particle called?

1What are electrons? ANegatively charged subatomic particles incorrect answer BPositively charged subatomic particles incorrect answer CNeutrally-charged subatomic particles incorrect answer DNegatively charged atoms incorrect answer

1What is the time constant for a series RC Circuit?

In an RC circuit the time constant is found by R x C. T = R x C to be precise.It is the time required to charge the capacitor through the resistor, to 63.2 (≈ 63) percent of full charge; or to discharge it to 36.8 (≈ 37) percent of its initial voltage. These values are derived from the mathematical constant e, specifically 1 − e − 1 and e − 1 respectively.

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