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1 chimp year = 2 human years

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Q: 1 year in monkey is equal to how many human years?
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How many computer years is equal to human years?

12 years

How many llama years equal one human year?

15 llama years=1 human years

How many years of a human's life equals 1 year ofa dog's life?

Dog years are every 7 years. So one human year is equal to 7 dog years.

How many cells does a monkey have?

A monkey does and it has 50- 75 trillion cells as a human.

How many cow years to human?

One human year is equal to five cow years. So, if you have a cow for five years, that cow is twenty-five years old.

How many panda years equal 1 human year?

Chinchillas live about 15 years on average, so that would be about 6 years for every human year (considering a human life to be an average of 90 years)

How many betta fish years equal human years?

1 betta year is 20 human years ruoghly, 2 betta years is 40 human years 3 betta years 60 human years 4 successful betta years=80 in it

How many duck years equal 1 human year?

One human year equals 4 duck years. so if your 25 in human years your 29 in duck years

How many canary years in one human year?

Canaries live anywhere from 5 to 20+ years. A canary has the lifespan equal to, or even greater, than that of a human.

How many panda years are in 1 human year?

The equation to convert human years into panda years is 2(x-7)^2+12, where x is the panda's age in human years.

How many fish years equals a human year?

It takes 16 fish years to equal one human year. The life expectancy of most fish tends to be very short.

How many times stronger is a monkey than a human?

15 times