2001 Ford Focus wont ldle

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2009-09-17 19:10:57

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Change the fuel filter.

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2009-09-17 19:10:57
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Q: 2001 Ford Focus wont ldle
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2001 ford focus the push button for the trunk wont work why?

There may be something blocking the trunk.

I got a 2001 ford focus Tdi after new engine fixed.. it wont start?

Ford cars have always had very poor tolerances, they are smokers. not very reliable at all.

Your headlight washers on your ford focus wont work?

Windex and a paper towel does.

Why won't a transmission shift out of first gear on a 2001 ford explorer?

my 2001 ford windstar wont shift out of first gear.

How do i reset the alarm system for a 2003 ford focus?

I replace engine but now it wont start.

Why wont rear latch on 2004 ford focus not lock?

Look under the hood behind the air filter.

Why wont my dim lights work on a ford focus?

The dims lights may not work on a Ford Focus if the switch is defective, the wiring is damaged, or the bulb has burnt out. If both bulbs are out, it is most likely within the wiring.

My 2002 Ford Focus won't start?

Explain, or don't post!2002 ford focus wont start replaced fuel filter and starter . They sad it might be a relay . Which one and where to find one ? Any suggestions

Your 2001 ford escape wont move when in drive?

There are a couple of reasons why a 2001 Ford Escape will not move while it is in drive. The transmission may be out of the vehicle or the vehicle needs transmission fluid.

Why wont my 2001 ford f250 fire the engine will turn over but not start?

Does it have spark, fuel, compression?

2001 ford windstar is cranking but wont start what is wrong?

i think it may be the fuel pump; what do you think?

Replaced batteries in your ford focus remote and doors wont unlock?

the battery might be in upside down,i know as i now own a focus myself,and put batterys in wrong way.

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