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cat converter is getting plugged

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Q: 2001 olds alero sputters and loses power up hills?
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Why your car loses power going up hills?


2008 ford f150 loses power going up hills what is the problem?

Its a Ford, that's the problem,

Your 1984 cutlass supreme loses power and sputters around?

you need to check your rear wheel drive the axles may be loose or you may need some new gear oil

Symptoms of a fuel pump gone bad?

There are a few ways you can tell if you have a bad fuel pump. These are is the engine sputters at high speeds, vehicle loses power while accelerating, or the engine will not start.

Why does your abs light come on when your freightliner loses power?

When your truck loses power, the ABS system loses power.

Where is the fuse and relay for the power window on a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero?

where is the fuse and relay for the power windows on a 2002 Oldsmobile alero

Why 88 Toyota truck loses power going up hill?

I have an 88 EFI truck and it loses speed (not necessarily power) going up hills because it is a manual transmission and it is geared low... and also if you are in higher altitude. Mountains ect..the electronic fuel injection may need to be redone.

IF a 2002 buick century Loses power climbing hills what could this be?

Could be tune up time including air and fuel filters. Could also be a plugged catalytic converter.

A rise in prices that occurs when currency loses its buying power?

a rise in prices that occurs when currency loses its buying power

Where could a power steering unit be leaking?

most likely your alero's power steering pump would be leaking from the power steering reservoir, but as an alero owner i have had to replace the whole pump because the pump shaft snapped on me

Loss of power over 50 mph?

2002 alero no power over 45 mph

Car shakes and loses power when idling?

If a car shakes and loses power when idling it can be the spark plug. If a spark plug is fouling, it can cause power losses.

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