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If the interior lights stay on while driving on a 2002 Impala, there could be a problem with the headlight switch. Check the relay center for the headlights that is just behind the headlight switch.


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The dimmer switch when turned just past high, turns on the interior lights. There are switches in the door opening that turns the lights off when the door is closed. Either one of these can cause the lights to stay on if they fail.

I am assuming what you mean is your interior lights and head lights are kinda blinking while your car is running. If this is the case go down to your local auto parts store and get your alternator tested. It is very possible that it is not pushing enough amps. If this is not the case you may have a short somewhere.

There could be a few reasons why a 2000 Chevy Impala shuts off while driving. There could be a problem with the fuel pump, a bad spark plug, or even a loose battery cable.

I don't use fog lights while driving in a foggy weather because I don't find it very useful at all. I just turn on my cars high beam lights.

While driving, the dashboard lights will fall and the car will stall if the vehicle goes dead. This can be caused by a lack of fuel or mechanical failure.

Are your brake lights out - usually it's a fuse for the brake lights.

The lights will automatically turn off in the day time. Automatically turn on at night. they are controlled by a light sensor, it determines if you need the lights or not. If the lights go on and off randomly not matter what the light conditions are, you may need to have a mechanic check out your light sensor.

one of the doors is not closed all the way or the switch in one of the door jams turning off the light. I would guess that the light is flickering when you driving. Which means it is one of the switches

try to turn the interior light switch off near the the headlight switch ( dimmer switch) is most likely in the on position

Some cars have lights that turn on lights automatically due to outside brightness

Brake lights are on continuously while you are driving. Every time the brake pedal is depressed.

Where is the fuse locations? Interior and brake lights have gone out while attempting to replace fog lights.

I noticed while driving my Impala the temps stays at the normal operating temp but while sitting still the car runs near hot. I don't believe my fans are turning on when they should and if this is the case how do I address it?

I was told it is a computer issue. Try Disconnecting the battery for about 30 minutes to reset the computer, then reconnect. This has worked on my wife's 2005 300c and my sons 2004 dodge dakota.

Try turning them off. This is done with the dimmer control of the dash lights.

Increased glare from lights, especially oncoming headlights when driving at night.

I had the same problem. On my 1998 Ford Expedition XLT. Spray WD-40 on all the door jams. This should take care of problem.

It migt be a problem with the central computer or more simply by the symptoms you describe I'll go for an alarm sytem problem

Neon lights are legal on bikes and legal to have on while driving as long as they aren't blue or red.

TRy changing your brakes and closing your doors while driving.

dim your lights other wize you will end up crashing into a inocint deer or the acational toad

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