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How do you find the factory set keyless

entry code for a 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer

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I've got the same questionI've got the same question Been looking in they say it is under the seat belt on the Pass -your side door Pull the plastic cover off And it's at the bottom you need a mirror to read it
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Q: 2004 ford explorer keyless entry code location?
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How do you disable the keypad on a 2004 ford explorer sport trac?

Cannot be diabled without removing the keyless entry module

Is there a way to start 2004 Isuzu rodeo without keyless entry key?

You can start your 2004 Rodeo without a keyless entry key. Remove the keyless entry fuse and use your ignition key to start the vehicle.

Does a 2004 Chrysler 300m have keyless entry?


How do you program a 2004concorde a spare keyless entry?

To program the 2004 Concorde spare keyless entry, you can take the vehicle to the dealer or you can download the manual. In the manual, there are steps to reset the keyless entry using your vehicle's VIN and other identifications.

Where is the remote keyless entry module on the 2004 Kia Optima?

The remote keyless entry module on the 2004 Kia Optima is located under the driver's side dash. To find it, open the door and look up under the dash.

Where is the Horn fuse in 2004 Ford Explorer?

horn location for 2004 ford explorer

2004 explorer fuel filter location?

need to find the fuel filter on 2004 explorer

How do you program your keyless entry for a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The keyless entry system must be programmed with an OBD II tool which the dealer or locksmith has. Sorry that this is not the answer your looking for, I didn't want to hear it either.

How do you program keyless entry remote in 2004 land rover?

My 2004 land rover discovery 2 doesnt work?

Keyless entry keypad FAQ Ford Freestar?

where on my 2004 freeport can I find the computer module

How do you program a keyless entry remote for a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You have to program it with a DRB (Scan tool).

How do you program a 2004 Chrysler Crossfire keyless entry remote?

Take the vehicle to a dealer. Not a consumer option.

Where is the Accessory Delay Relay in a 2004 Ford explorer XLT?

2004 ford explorer accessory delay relay location

Where can you find the keyless entry keypad code for a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer?

I have a 1998 and the code is in the back where your jack and accessories are.

How do you program the keyless entry remote for a 2004 Mazda-3?

You need one of these:

How do you program 2004 Kia Spectra EX Remote keyless entry?

how can i program a remote for a 04 kia spectra

How do you change the code for the keyless entry for a 2004 grand marquis?

The detailed directions are in your owner's manual. It is quite simple to do.

2004 Ford Explorer Cabin Air Filter location?

Ford Explorer 2004 does not have Cabin Air Filter or A/C filter.

2004 Explorer Sport Trac with a keyless entry pad on the door Any way to retrieve the code and where exactly is the computer module?

The factory-set code is located: I have a 2005 ST my code was on the keyless module behind the passenger side air bag. go to and it will tell u how to find it.

Where is the keyless entry codes located on 2004 f250?

Remove inner driver's door panel number should be on "brain"

How do you program a keyless remote for a 2001 Hyundai Elantra?

I found an Internet site which says how to program the keyless entry remote. But there is an error: this procedure is good for Elantra 2001 to 2003. Elantra 2004 must be programmed by the dealer.

'Is it an indication that a 2004 Ford Taurus LX Sedan has a keyless entry system if the only key hole is on the driver's door'?

Not necessarily, many low end models from different manufacturers only have a key hole on the drivers door and are not keyless entry, probably more for cost savings

Where is the keyless entry module located on a 2004 jeep grand Cherokee?

I believe the module is located in the console above the rear-view mirror.

How do you find location of computer on 2004 Ford Explorer?

Ford Explorer 1991-2001 Under hood, drivers side in firewall

How do you program a keyless entry remote for 2004 Chevy Malibu?

To program the keyless entry remote on a Chevy Malibu, close all doors and put the key in the ignition. Hold down the power unlock button on the door while turning your key to on and off twice. Then release the power unlock button on the door.