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None. There are no coins in a dollar. A dollar is a paper bill.

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Q: 26 coins in a dollar which ones?
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If you have 21 coins and it needs to add up to a US dollar 5 ways?


How many versions of the US gold dollar coins have been created since the new ones began circulating in 2005?

Only 2 versions of the US gold dollar coins have been created since the new ones began circulating in 2005.

What 26 coins can you use to make a dollar?

The question cannot be answered because you have failed to identify the country. The smallest coin in Australia is 5 cents and 26 of them would be more than a dollar.

What is the value of US golden dollar with George Washington's face?

All of the business strikes of presidential dollar coins and other modern one dollar coins are worth face value only. Uncirculated ones retail for $3 to $6 depending on date.

What 26 coins with equal one dollar?

If you have 2 quarters, 2 dimes, 2 nickels and 20 pennies, you'll have a buck in 26 coins. 2 x 25 cents = 50 cents 2 x 10 cents = 20 cents 2 x 5 cents = 10 cents 20 x 1 cent = 20 cents ____________________ 26 coins = 100 cents (one dollar)

Coins of the Canadian coins worth?

Hi, VERY VERY tough question. Almost all of them are worth money. If you are looking at REAL expensive ones it would come down to the 1921 5 cent, 1921 Half dollar, 1936 dot cent, coins like that. 1948 dollar, 1947 dollar. The list goes on.

How can you use 26 coins to make a dollar?

2 Quarters, 2 Dimes, 2 Nickels, 20 Pennies

1879 silver dollar coin platinum E?

No platinum coins were struck in 1879, the first ones were in 1997

What is the value of 1776 1976 dollar coin?

Probably still one dollar. The only ones worth more are the silver or proof coins minted in San Francisco.

Who is the president on the silver-dollar?

There is no president on the only silver dollars intended for circulation. All the dollar coins containing silver for general circulation had an image of Liberty and were last minted in 1935. However, the Eisenhower dollar coin minted from 1971-1978 are the same size as the earlier silver dollar coins, but they ones intended for circulation contain absolutely no silver and should not be called silver dollars. These dollar coins minted from 1971-1978 contain a portrait of Dwight Eisenhower on them.

How many dollar coins are there?

The exact number cannot be tallied. At several different points in history, the US Treasury - specifically the Mint - had recovered older silver dollars and melted them down to make newer ones. Too, not all dollar coins struck were in fact issued. Some coins which had not been issued due to over-production were destroyed. Since the numbers of such coins were never specified, it is impossible to know just how many surviving dollar coins are in circulation, or collections, at this time.

How many dollar coins weighs 1 pound?

62 copper dollar coins

What 25 coins make a dollar?

3 dollar 3 coins

Is a 2001 gold color liberty one dollar worth anything?

If you got it in pocket change or from a bank it's just a dollar. Some coins carry a premium but not the ones issued for circulation.

Are the dollar coins worth anything?

Dollar coins are worth... ready?... $1.00

Why is a dollar bill more valuable than coins?

Aside from the one dollar coin, other coins have a face value of less than one dollar. In the past, there were larger value coins, but they haven't been used since the 1930s.

Jill is trying to find all the different combinations of coins that will go into a dollar What is the least number of coins that are impossible to go into a dollar?

1 coin= $1 dollar piece 2 coins= 2 $0.50 pieces and so on. The least number of coins impossible to go into a dollar is 77 coins.

How do you make twenty six coins equal one dollar?

Easy- you have 20 pennies, 2 quarters, 2 dimes, and 2 nickels. That's 26 coins. :) $0.20 + $0.50 + $0.20 + $0.10=$1.00

Can you spend 2 dollar bills and dollar coins?

You can spend 2 dollar bills and dollar coins all day long in the United States.

Which of the US coins have circumferences greater than 68 millimeter?

The quarter dollar, the half dollar and all dollar coins.

What are all the different coins in US?

There are thousands of coins in the US, but if you mean circulation coins, there is the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, Native American dollar, and presidential dollar.

Alexander had 2 one dollar coins 2 two dollar coins 3 fifty cent coins and 2 twenty coins what is the total amount?


What is the value of a us 1976 bicentennial dollar coin?

Any you might find that were in circulation are still worth a dollar. The only ones worth more are the silver or proof coins, all minted in San Francisco.

If a man has 1.15 in six coins but can not make change for a dollar half dollar quarter dime or nickel what coins does he have?

half dollar, quarter four dimes

Which coin has a greater circumference a dollar or half dollar?

Currently a half dollar has a greater circumference than circulating dollar coins. Older dollar coins will have a greater circumference than half dollars though.