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2 kinds of environmental pollution?

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1. Water Pollution. When a toxic substance leaks into water, it can cause animals to die, it poisons water that can be used for drinking, and it destroys the aquatic life in and surrounding the water.

Examples: cans, bottles, plastic, garbage, gasoline, etc.

2. Air Pollution. When harmful chemicals enter the air, it causes health problems, environmental problems, and sometimes damage to property.

Examples: smoke, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, chlorofluorocarbon, etc.

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What are the problems and solutions to your environment and to your natural resources?

These environmental problems are such as water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, and many more kinds of pollution.

How Combustion leading to environmental pollution and ways and means to check pollution?

combustion leading to environmental pollution is killing thousands of people everyday. there are many ways and meana to check pollution. 1. by keeping surveys. 2.

How can you make pamphlets on environmental issues?


What are 2 forms of water pollution?

Two kinds of Water pollution is acid and garbage.

What kind of pollution is on Mount Fuji?

the pollution on Mount Fuji is said to be 2 kinds of pollution which are 1.Air pollution and 2.ancient pollution which is was on the mountain since the ancient times

What is meant by environmental pollution?

Environmental pollution sources refer to sourced that are produced by the natural world. One of the key contributors to environmental pollution is animal wastes.

What are some of the main causes of pollution how pollution effects Europe?

Environmental pollution is the top cause of pollution. Much of the environmental pollution is caused by industrial factories and businesses.

Types of environmental pollution?

water pollution, land pollution and air pollution.

What is the environment pollution?

Environmental Pollution is the release of environmental contaminants,generally resulting from human activity.

Which of the following fuels causes minimum environmental pollution?

which fuels causes minimum environmental pollution

When was Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution created?

Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution was created in 1970.

What fields of study contributed to environmental science?

Examples are:Environment and pollutionGreen House Gas environmental effectsEnergy and environmental pollutionWater treatmentIndustry and pollution

Does the EPA study pollution and other environmental hazards?

Certainly; the Environmental Protection Agency is primarily concerned with pollution and environmental hazards.

What has the author Leela Dahal written?

Leela Dahal has written: 'A study on pesticide pollution in Nepal' -- subject(s): Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Pesticides, Environmental aspects of Pollution, Environmental monitoring, Pesticides, Pollution

What kinds of environmental damage are caused by the extraction of minerals?

One of the environmental damages regards pollution of the air around the mine. Another damage regards a change in the soil composition in the area.

What are three environmental problems facing us today?

Three environmental problems we face today are: 1.Global warming, 2.Water pollution, and, 3.Air pollution. What about overpopulation

What are the Causes of environmental destruction?

1. Global Warming 2. Air Pollution

What has the author V Wonghanchao written?

V. Wonghanchao. has written: 'Environmental pollution' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Environmental aspects of Pollution, Pollution

What is the effect of environmental pollution and air pollution?

Environmental & Air Pollution Effects in Hindi पर्यावरण और वायु प्रदूषण हिंदी में

What are the different types of pollution?

Pollution is of various types, and It needs different type of Pollution control1 Air Pollution. (It needs air pollution control2 Water Pollution. (It needs water pollution control )3 Noise Pollution (It needs noise pollution control )4 Environmental Pollution (It needs environmental pollution control )5 Soil Pollution (It needs soil pollution control )6 Gaseous Pollution (It needs gaseous pollution control )

What are Environmental impact?


What is environmental problem?


Hindi essay environmental pollution?

air pollution in hindi

What is pollution give the kinds of pollution?

Air pollution, water pollution, and gases

What is environmental hazard?

Environmental hazard is the risk of damage to the environment, for example, air pollution, water pollution, toxins, and radioactivity.

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