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Nissan 300ZX

300zx drained battery?

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2007-05-10 04:21:39

- check that the alternator and battery is good? free test at

autozone. - make sure that all lights (trunk, glove box) are off

when the car is off. - to find a leak, measure the amps that are

drawn when the car is switched off. Use an ammeter between the

negative post of the battery and the disconnected negative cable of

the car. Pull/replace fuses till you see a significant drop in amps

drawn. Then you know which circuit it is on. If you can get away

without that circuit (mine was the cigarette ligther and the clock,

on a camry) then do it. my 2 cents i would also recommend that you

check your battery cables. mine were bad. changed them and problem

solved. make sure that your negative is grounding to a nice clean


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