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(Affiliated to Osmania University)

Khairatabad, Hyderabad

First Term Examination

B.Sc. 3 Year

Web Technologies(c4)

Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100


Note: Answer any FIVE questions 5*8=40

1. Explain Text formatting tags of HTML.

2. Write a note on XML.

3. What is Form? Give a suitable example.

4. What is hyperlink? Explain with example.

5. Write about html tags for defining lists.

6. Explain cascade style sheets.

7. Write a note on Frames.

8. How to define tables using HTML tags.

9. Write a note on Java Script Variables.

10. Explain Extensible HTML?


Answer any FIVE questions. 5*12=60

1. Explain how to add images and colors into a web page.

2. Discuss in detail Data types used in Java Script.

3. Explain different types of operators used in Java Script.

4. Explain different types of lists.

5. Explain Objects in Java Script.

6. Discuss in detail Events in Java Script.

7. What is String Manipulation in Java Script.

8. Write a HTML code for image as Hyperlink.

9. Write about Active Server Pages.

10. Explain different types of statements in Java Script.

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Every monotonic function f is R-integrable.

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incometax important questions

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gauss theorem

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Q: 3rd sem model question papers from vtu?
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