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I DON'T KNOW..............................................................................................

Yes I Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think you have to use what's already installed, unless you install a modchip (Not a good idea!).

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Do you have to have an action replay for gba to get cheat codes for Pokemon emerald?


How do you enter cheat codes on pokemon firered?

You have to have gameshark cheat thing for gba. If you don't have it, then It won't work. Hope it helped.

What are some Pokemon Platinum gba version Action Replay codes?

well there is no cheat for this one

How do you cheat on Pokemon Fire Red version?

You would need a GameShark or Action Replay for the GBA. (GameBoy Advance) When you have it inserted, you can select which codes to able and disable for your Pokemon FireRed; after you're done, launch the game and the codes will be applied to the game. Press the correct buttons to activate the cheat code.

Do you have to add codes to Ultimate codes for Pokemon?

No,but you can put codes your Ultimate Codes for Pokemon for gba

Pokemon platinum gba version cheat?

Use Pokemon Ruby USA version gameshark codes.I tried them and they worked.Here's the link :

What are the cheat codes for Pokemon Platinum ON GBA?

Theres no Pokemon platinum for gba games its just for DS. Evil you.There is a gba game for Pokemon platinum you idiot.You just didn't know that.And yes there are cheats for Pokemon platinum it's that I'm finding some cheats.

Where are Pokemon emerold gameshark cheat codes for GBA sp?

You cant find any gamesharks anymore.:) Hope this helps

What is the cheat codes for Pokemon Ruby and sapphire?

Well to get some cheat codes for Pokemon ruby or sapphire, you will need to buy a cheating device such as Xploder GBA + Sp(not recommended), Action Replay Ultimate Codes(Recommended) or Gameshark Sp(ok, has alot of useful codes). These may be purchased on an internet website, eBay is best. Once you have one of them, seach in Google. I highly recommended NOT to get Xploder GBA + SP as there are not many codes.

Action replay codes for gba Pokemon platinum?

there are not action replay codes for gba only for ds and PC

What are some Gameshark codes for Pokemon Fire Red?

Go to:

Are there cheat codes for Pokemon FireRed gba?

no.-=Overwrite=-I think there are a few somewhere on Google. You mean for the actual GBA?For ROMs, try here. EDIT: Just realized links aren't allowed.

What codes on action replay gba is it on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you find codes at neoseeker

What would cause an Action Replay for GBA to not activate cheat codes for Pokemon?

using the wrong code off by 1 # wrong M code

Free cheat codes for Pokemon leafgreeen?

simply buy an action replay and go to and go to cheats then GBA then "P" then select leafgreen.

What is cheat code gba Pokemon LeafGreen?

543.5667.123. enjoy

How do you do Pokemon Emerald hacks?

You can do it by using a cheat disc for the gba.

How do you delete GBA Gameshark codes?

If you're using a GBA hit select when the arrow is pointing to the cheat you want to remove.

Were is Charmander in the game found gba firered?

you have to trade or use cheat codes

Is their a cheat to making your own Pokemon on the AR for the Pokemon games for the GBA if so what is it?

might be

Can you put codes on Pokemon LeafGreen with ar?

if you have an AR for the gba

What is a GameShark in Pokemon?

Its A Cheat Code Game Used For GBA Games >>

Pokemon HeartGold where to find Darkrai?

Trade it of a gba game or of a cheat

How do you put cheats on desmume?

you cant... download no$gba if you wanna use cheat codes

What are some gameshark codes for Pokemon Platinum for gba?

i know Pokemon platinum codes for gba....i try it and it works.....if you want to know the code email me at I'll give you "the code"