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Q: 5 college mascots with no s at the end of their name?
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The joint name of the 5 official mascots of the 2008 Olympics?

The joint name of 5 mascots of Olympics 2008 is fuwa

What are the 5 mascots for the olympic games 2008?

The mascots are, beibei,jingjing,huanhuan,yingying and nini This are the 5 mascots yayyyyyyyfddsfdgfgdsvgbdfdefd

In the book Speak how many mascots did they have?

5 Mascots (Trojans, Blue Devils, Tigers, Wombats, And Hornets.)

How many mascots are there in the world?

Quite a few, 2 here in England wich are the one-eyed Mascots and 3 in japan the sun soldier, the swamp soldier, and the water the answer is 5 mascots in the world because the other countries aren't as rich as England and japan.

What are the 5 professional common mascots?

Bulls, Hawks, Bears, Timber-wolves, etc.

Name 5 different types degree programs at Spelman college?

name 5 diffrent type of prgrams do spelman offer

How many AFL teams have bird mascots?

Only 5 Adelaide,Collingwood,Hawthorn,Sydney & West Coast

What is the name of the first episode in series 5 of the simpsons?

Is it Homer Goes To College. Because Homer Goes To College was aired before Rosebud.

5 Name the LAN technology that uses fiber to connect end stations?

- Fiberobtics

I heard that as of Maroon 5's 2009 college tour they had another keyboardist added to the group. Is this true and if so what is his name?

His name is PJ Morton

What were the names of the 5 mascots of the Olympics held in China?

They are named Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, Nini. When their names are formed together in Chinese, it means "Beijing welcomes you".

Does all multiples of 5 end in 5?

No, 5x2 = 10 which does not end in 5. All multiples of 5 will always end in a 5 or 0