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5 factors that influence the size of electrical resistance?

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Electrical Resistance depends on three factors: Resistivity; Area; Length.
Resistivity is the property of the matter. More Resistivity means more resistance.
More Area means less resistance.
More length means more resistance.
R= Resistivity. Length/Area

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Is electrical resistance and electrical resistivity the same?

No. Resistivity is a material property, and is defined as the resistance for a piece of material of some standard size.

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What is the difference between electrical resistivity and electrical resistance?

resistivity is the resistance of unit specimen. resistance means the whole resistance offered by the conductor . resistivity depends only on temperature but not on shape and size of the conductor .( if we compare with mass and density, resistivity can be compared with density and resistance can be compared with mass)

Is the electrical resistance intensive or extensive?

Resistance is extensive - it depends on shape and size as well as resistivity (the intensive property)

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Is electricity scalar or vector quantity?

It is a vector because it has a magnitude (size) and a direction, However, electrical resistance is a scalar

What is the resistance of a wire?

Electrical resistance of a wire is the opposition of the flow of electricity through the wire. There are several factors that determine the electrical resistance of a wire. One factor is what material(s) the wire made up of. If there is two wires of equal dimensions, and if one wire is made of pure golf while the other is made of lead, then the wire of Gold will have less resistance. Another factor that effects the resistance of a wire is the distance electricity has to travel. The longer the wire that completes a circuit the more resistance that will be encountered in the wire. A third factor that determines the resistance of a wire is size. A bigger wire will have less resistance than a small wire. Note:There are other factors not considered above one being temperature. Resistance can be calculated using Ohm's law which is the following formula R= V/I where R = resistance (Ohms), V = voltage (volts), and I = current (amps).

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