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65 watts equals how many amps?

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That depends on circuit voltage.

1 watt is equal to 1 volt times 1 amp.

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What kind of amps does a 65 watt light take?

amps equals watts divided by volts.

How any amps in 65 Watts 240 power supply?

Watts = amps x volts, Amps = Watts/Volts, 65/240 = .27 amps or 270 milliamps

How many amps does a 65 watt light bulb use?

Amps x volts = watts So, assuming you are running on 110 volt line, the answer is 65 watts/110 volts=.591 amps.

How many output volts does it take to have 65 watts from an AC Adapter?

To answer this question the amps or mA of the adapter must be stated. Volts = Watts/Amps.

How amps is 65 watts at 6 volts?

The formula you are looking for is I =W/E. Amps = Watts/Volts.

How many amps does a 65 watt light bulb draw?

Find out your supply voltage, and divide 65 by it: I(amps) = P(watts)/V(volts) = 65/V

How many amps will a 65 inch samsung tv draw?

I assume you are talking about the newest Samsung 65", the one with the curved screen. That draws 276 watts which, using watts=volts x amps and assuming your voltage is 115v, gives you 2.4 amps.

How many amps for 65 watt light bulb?

1 amp at 110 volts will drive 110 watts.

How many watts does it take to equal 65 amps at 220 volts?

The formula you are looking for is W = I x E. W = A x V.

How many lights can a 20 amp breaker handle?

20 amps * 120Volts = 2400 watts 2400Watts *80% = 1920 watts allowed on circuit. 1920watts / 65 watt light bulb = 29 bulbs

Fridge draws 65 watts on 240 volts how many kwats does it use?

One watt is 0.001 kilowatt. 65 watts is 0.065 kilowatts. It does not matter what the voltage is - watts are watts.

How many amps does a 65 watt light bulb have at 120 volts?

The amps drawn by a 65 watt light bulb should be 65/120 or 0.54167. This fraction of an ampere may be restated as 541.67 milli-amps.

65 inches equals how many centermeters?

65 inches equals 165.1 centimeters.

How many amps do you need to run a 1 hp electric motor?

One hp is about 750 watts. Power divided by volts equals amps. 750/120=6.25 amps.Answer 2But this answer takes no account of what the voltage is. It makes the assumption that it is 120 volts. But the various mains in Europe run at about 240 volts. And what about other voltages, eg 12 volts from a car battery? You'd need 65 amps in this case - rather like a car starter motor.Answer 3The conversion from watts to hp is indeed 1hp = 746 watts (as stated above), but no motor is 100% efficient, so you will never actually find a 1hp motor that draws only 746 watts. Real-world 1hp motors draw somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 watts. Also answer #2 is correct, you need to know volts to calculate amps, but both answers 1 and 2 are only applicable for single phase motors, the formula is different for 3-phase motors.Further complicating things, volts times amps actually equals VA (volt-amperes) not watts. You must multiply VA times power-factor to get true watts.So, to get an accurate answer, you must simply consult the nameplate of the chosen motor where the amps are directly listed. If you need an approximation the following formulae will get you close (they assume 1,200 VA per hp):Single Phase:Amps = 1200 / nameplate voltsThree phase:Amps = (1200 / nameplate volts) / 1.73

65 lbs equals to how many kilograms?

65 pounds is 29.48 kilograms.

How many inches equals 65 cm?

65 centimeters = 25.5905512 inches

How many ounces equals 65 pounds?

1,040 ounces = 65 pounds

65 centimeters equals how many inches?

65 centimeters = 25.5905512 inches

How many inches equals 65 feet?

65 Feet = 780 Inches or 65 times 12

65 quarts equals how many gallons?

Divide by four. 65 divided by 4 equals 16 gallons and one quart.

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