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CST_Central_Standard_Time_to_PST_Pacific_Standard_Time_conversion(CST) Central Standard Time is 2 hours ahead of (PST) Pacific Standard Time.. and so: CST/PST 12 a.m. Tuesday = 10 p.m. Monday 1

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Q: 8pm CST is what time in PDT?
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When it is 10 am PDT and 1 pm EDT then what time is it in CST?

10 am PDT = 1 pm EDT = 11 am CST

If its 1100 am PDT what time is it in CET?

CET time is nine hours later than PDT, so the time would be 8pm.

If it's 8 am CST in the US what time in Singapore?


What is the time difference between PDT and CST?

3 hrs after the edt

What is 1159 PM PDT in central time?

11:59 PM PDT is 12:59 AM CST and 1:59 AM CDT.

What time is 6am Pacific time in the central time zone?

6 am PDT = 7 AM CST = 8 AM CDT 6 AM PST = 8 AM CST = 9 AM CDT

What time and channel is glee on?

Glee is on Fox. It airs at 9/8pm CST on Tuesdays.

If its 12 am pacific daylight time what time is that central standard time?

When it's 12 midnight PDT, it's 1 AM CST.

If it's 8PM CST US what time is it in India?

When it is 8pm in the Central time zone, it is 7:30am in India. India is eleven and half hours ahead of the central time zone.

What time does the 2009 Baseball All Star game start?

8pm EDT / 5pm PDT The game will be on Fox.

If it's 9 pm pacific daylight time what time is that central standard time?

At 9 PM PDT, it's 10 PM CST.

If it's 3pm in pacific time what time is it in central time?

3 pm PDT = 4 pm CST = 5 pm CDT 3 pm PST = 5 pm CST = 6 pm CDT

When it is 8 am in San Francisco what time is it in Taiwan?

8 AM PDT in San Francisco = 11 PM CST in Taiwan 8 AM PST in San Francisco = 12 midnight CST in Taiwan

Which states have parts in another time zone?

States of the United States that are in more than one time zone are, in alphabetical order,... Alaska (MeST, AKST/AKDT & HAST/HADT) Arizona - March to November only (MST & MST/MDT) Florida (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Idaho (MST/MDT & PST/PDT) Indiana (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Kansas (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Kentucky (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Michigan (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Nebraska (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Nevada (MST/MDT & PST/PDT) North Dakota (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Oregon (MST/MDT & PST/PDT) South Dakota (CST/CDT & MST/MDT) Tennessee (EST/EDT & CST/CDT) Texas (CST/CDT & MST/MDT)

What time is nine o clock pacific in central time?

09:00 PST is 11:00 CST and 12:00 CDT.09:00 PDT is 10:00 CST and 11:00 CDT.

If its 2 o'clock in California what time is it in Florida?

0200 PST = 0400 CST = 0500 EST0200 PDT = 0400 CDT = 0500 EDT

If its 1100 am PDT what time is it in CST?

Two hours separate Pacific time from Central time, but when Pacific time is observing Daylight Savings, it means that that time zone is running one hour ahead than it would be under Pacific Standard time (PST).This means that CST is now 1 hour ahead of PDT, so the answer would be 12 noon. I believe the only time you would observe these two time zones operating under different Daylight savings modes would be when Pacific time has gone to Daylight savings (at 2am or whenever it happens), but Central time hasn't begun observing Daylight Savings yet.Daylight savings time is observed at the same time throughout the US, so the difference in time zones (PDT and CST) is still 2 hours, so it would be 1 pm CST.The North American Central Standard Time Zone is in a total of ten countries. Of the ten, the United States is the only one that almost never has an area that is in CST while the west coast is in PDT (except for 2 hrs. per year early on the 1st Sun. of Nov.).Central Standard Time (UTC - 6 hrs.) is 1 hr. ahead of Pacific Daylight Saving Time (UTC - 7 hrs.). So 1100 AM PDT = 1200 noon CST.Also...1100 AM PDT = 200 AM China Standard Time (CST)1100 AM PDT = 330 AM Central Standard Time in Australia (CST)Example: In July, when it's Monday at 11 AM PDT in California, it's Monday at 12 noon CST in Saskatchewan, Tuesday at 2 AM CST in China and Tuesday at 3:30 AM CST in South Australia.The comment in the first answer is now true regarding Cuba Standard Time. Since Cuba changed their Daylight Saving Time schedule in 2012, there is only four hours per year (05:00-09:00 UTC on the 1st Sun. of Nov.) when Pacific Daylight Saving Time and Cuba Standard Time are simultaneously in use.

If its 9.30 central time what time is it in Vegas?

09:30 CST is either 07:30 PST or 08:30 PDT in Las Vegas, depending on whether or not Las Vegas is on daylight saving time. 09:30 CDT is 07:30 PDT in Las Vegas.

What time is 6 o'clock Pacific time in the central time?

That depends on when and where, since there are parts of each time zone that don't do Daylight Saving Time.06:00 PDT = 07:00 CST = 08:00 CDT06:00 PST = 08:00 CST = 09:00 CDT

When will the duggars be back?

The new season started this Tuesday at 9PM EST/8PM CST on TLC.

What time is 11 AM EDT IN PDT?

8 am PDT

If it is 1000 am PDT what time is EST?

1000 AM PDT is 0100 AM EST

So if it's 8pm in California what time is it in Nigeria?

If it's 8 PM PST, it's 5 AM WAT. If it's 8 PM PDT, it's 4 AM WAT.

What time is 10 am PDT in Central time?

10AM in PDT time would be 9AM in Central time.

What time is 9 AM PDT in EDT?

9 AM PDT is noon EDT.