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A Collection of 4-bits is called?

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8 bits = 1 Byte

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1 Nibble

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The memory stores binary information in group of bits called?

a group of 8 bits is known as byte and a group of 4bits is known as nibble..

What is a collection of workbooks called?

A collection of worksheet is called a workbook. A collection of workbooks would be called related spreadsheets.

What is a collection of beehives called?

A collection of beehives is called an apiary.

What is coin collection called?

A coin collection is called, well, a coin collection. The hobby of collecting coins is called numismatics.

What is collection of fish called of fish called?

a collection of fish is called a school of fish

What is old coin collection called?

A coin collection is called just that. A coin collection. Although the people that collect coins are called "numismatists".

What is a collection of bananas?

A collection of bananas is called a bunch.

What is a bug collection called?

Collection of bugs

What is the collection of postage stamp called?

a collection

How is a web page collection called?

Web page collection called a Website.

What is a collection of teddybears called?

The noun 'collection' is a collective noun in 'a collection of teddybears'.

What is a collection of stamps known as?

It's called a collection.

What is a collection of weapons called?

A collection of weapons is an arsenal.

Is The collection of all possible events called the null set?

the collection of events is called

What is collection of coins called?

Collection of coins is called collection of cons only n there is no specific word for it. It is different from numismatics as numismatics is the systematic study of coins. Mere collection of coins cannot be called as numismatics.

What is a bride's bottom drawer collection called?

A bride's bottom drawer collection is called her providan.

What is a collection of sailors called?

A collection of sailors is called a crew of sailors.

What do you call a collection of jellyfish?

a collection of jellyfish is called a smack

What is a collection of cards called?

a collection of cards

What is a swirling collection of thousands of millions of stars called?

A collection of thousands and millions of stars is called a galaxy.

What is a book or collection of maps called?

A book or collection of maps is called an atlas.

What is collection of flowers called?

it do be called a bouquet

Where will you find a album of Patsy Cline called the collection?

Which collection? She has several "collection" albums. She has the Patsy Cline Collection, Definitive Collection, Ultimate Collection, Essential Collection, etc. Please be more specific.

What is collection of elephants?

A collection of elephants, or group, is called a herd or parade.

What is a collection of ancient poetry?

A collection of ancient poetry is called an epos.