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Bacterial Vaginosis - this is when 'bad' bacteria take over from 'good' bacteria within the vagina, which is common during menstruation as menstrual flow differs to the acidic pH of the vagina at other times of the menstrual cycle.

Tampons significantly increase risk of this infection as they provide bacteria with the perfect environment to multiply, they keep menstrual flow in contact with the vagina where it can have a greater effect on pH, chemicals in many brands of tampons can effect pH, and tampons prevent vaginal cleaning.

Toxic shock syndrome is also associated with bacterial growth with tampon use, this is caused when certain bacteria overgrow and start producing TSST-1 toxins that overwhelm the immune system when they enter the body of a person without immunity. TSS is not a bacterial infection but an illness caused by bacterial toxins.
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Bacterial Vaginosis and Toxic Shock Syndrome are both related to tampon use.

The vagina is self-cleaning - discharge flushes out dead cells and bacteria, also discharge is acidic in pH to kill harmful bacteria within the vagina. Tampons prevent vaginal cleaning by plugging-up the vagina and by keeping flow in contact with the vagina it changes pH, between this and the porous environment of the tampon it's the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply.

Bacterial Vaginosis is when certain bacteria multiply to cause a vaginal infection with symptoms that include excessive bad smelling discharge. Toxic Shock Syndrome involves more harmful strains of bacteria that multiply and create toxins which can enter the bloodstream and if a person lacks immunity it overwhelms the immune system causing major organ failure.

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Q: A bacterial infection related to the use of tampons is called?
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Not A yeast infection but symptoms of it?

You need to be seen by a gynecologist. It is likely that you have a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis.

What happens if i use a tampon before my period starts?

Not a good idea. Tampons can cause a bacterial infection called toxic shock. It can kill you. Even on your period you need to be careful of wearing a tampon too long.

If you don't know if it is your period or not but you've been using tampons for a couple days like you always do and you might be pregnant would tampons be really bad if you are indeed pregnant?

tampons do not effect pregnancy at all. but do not leave a tampon in more than six hours there is a dangerous bacterial infection called toxic shock syndrome that you would be at increased risk . Joymaker RN

An infection of the peritoneum is called?

An infection of the peritoneum is called peritonitis. This infection is caused by a fungal or bacterial infection and can cause inflammation of the area.

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Yes, but it is called a bacterial infection. The bacterial infection can turn into a bacterial disease if it goes untreated. If you want to know about a bacterial disease, it is a very big subject, and the answer will depend on which disease you are asking about.

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Inflammation of the lacrimal gland by bacterial, viral, or fungal infection is called Dacryoadenitis.

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What is the medical term meaning bacterial infection of the bone marrow?

Myelitis is infection or inflammation of the bone marrow. Osteomyelitis is more common - infection or inflammation of the bone and neighboring bone marrow. If these conditions are caused by bacteria, they may be called bacterial myelitis or bacterial osteomyelitis.

What shock is called when an overwhelming bacterial infection affects the body?

septic shock

What is the pathegon of syphilis?

Syphilis is a bacterial infection. It's caused by the spirochete called Treponema pallidum.

What is necrotizing faciitis?

It is a rare soft tissue bacterial infection commomly called "Flesh Eating Bacteria".

A bacterial infection called Lyme disease is spread by what?

Ticks infected with the spirochete that causes Lyme disease.

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That would be the flagellum. A group of them is called flagella

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Yes, he could. I really don't know what cause this but you can ask your doctor. Anyone can have a bacterial infection.Anyone can have a fungal infection.Anyone can have a viral infection.If you are alive you can have an infection. An infection is just you being "eaten" by microorganisms to facilitate their reproduction.When you die microorganisms "eating" you is instead called rotting.

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Bacterial infections of the blood are generally called septicemia, or sepsis. Septicemia is very deadly if not treated.

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Genital herpes may cause urethritis, but urethritis is typically called by bacterial infection or chemical irritation.

What if you got medication to treat yeast infection and it about a week now and you still have the discharge what should you do?

sweetie, its not a yeast infection. you probably have a condition called bacterial vaginosis. go to the doctor to get your cooter clean

What type of infection is spread through an animal insect or other third party organism?

A bacterial infection that can be spread through lice is called bartonellosis or Trench fever. Animals, specifically cats, can spread an infection called toxoplasmosis. The common types of infection that animals and insects pass on to humans include dengue fever, malaria, and Lyme disease.

Does the spongy yellow substance on pubic hair on the scrotum go away after a while if it's just hormones?

It is a bacterial infection called Trichomycosis. Daily cleansing and benzoyl peroxide will get rid of the infection.

What is the fear of tampons called?


Will condamycin relieve tooth pain?

There is no drug called Condamycin. Assuming that you mean Clindamycin, it is an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial infections such as acne and malaria. Yes, Clindamycin can relieve tooth pain caused by a bacterial infection.

Can you try a tampon without your period?

No. It is dangerous to do so and would be very uncomfortable. Tampons should not be worn when not on a period ( read the tampon box) and young girls just starting their periods should not use tampons for a year or two. There is a bacteria infection that is caused by tampons when not worn correctly or too long. It is called toxic shock syndrome and it can kill if the bacteria builds and enters the blood stream.

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