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29 Newtons

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Q: A book weighing 29 N is placed on a table How much support force does a table exert on the book?
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Liquids and gases exert a buoyant force on object placed in them?

Yes, liquid and gases exert a buoyant force on object because of the surface tension of the fluid.

When a body is placed on a surface it exert a force but the body does not move or fall why?

Because an equal and opposite force is being exerted on it.

When you exert a force on an object it exert the?

opposite and equal force against you.

Why doesn't gravity squash us into the ground?

Our legs can support the force that gravity causes our bodies to exert.

How much support force acts on a 200-N girl standing on a weighing scale?


Do you exert more force when you are closer to the fulcrum?

do you exert more force when you are further from the fulcrum

What two forces compress a spring indside a weighing scale when you weigh your self?

Gravity and Support Force

If everything exerts a force why do you not get pulled by it?

The objects with bigger masses exert more pulling force. However, even though all the matter around us exert a force, their masses are too small for them to exert a 'feelable' force. But yes, they do exert a force, but its negligible.

What is The force that you exert on a lever called?

The force that you exert on a lever can be called the effort force. The lever has three parts. They are: the fulcrum, the load, and the effort force. This can also be classified as the input force. The force that you exert to perform a task is known as the input force.

What is the effort force you exert?

input force

What force do the sun and the moon exert on the earth?

They exert Gravitational Force on each other. It is a force which is directly proportional to Mass of the object

Suppose that you fall on a sidewalk while rollerblading Do you exert a force on the sidewalk Does the sidewalk exert a force on you Which of these forces may injure you?

Both, you exert a force onto the sidewalk, and the sidewalk "pushes back" with an equal, but opposite force.