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While growing.

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Q: A child most likely in positive nitrogen balance?
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Is a growing child likely to exhibit negative nitrogen balance?

False, a growing child is not likely to exhibit negative nitrogen balance.

Is a growing child is likely to exhibit negative nitrogen balance?


Is Pregnancy is an example of negative nitrogen balance?

No, it is an example of positive nitrogen balance. This is because a pregnant women is in need of protein to allow growth of the child, and in order to build protein you need Nitrogen. Therefor pregnancy is considered positive nitrogen balance.

What happens when you are in positive nitrogen balance?

role of energy & protein in the maintenance of nitrogen balence in a preschool child

What is the blood group of child of an O positive mother and an A negative father likely to be?


If the mother is B positive and the Father is O positive what will the baby be?

my blood group is bpositive and my husbands is o positive is this combination suitable for marriage

Can an AB positive blood type and a o positive blood type a produce an o positive child?

No, because the domonite blood type would be AB positive. So you would most likely get a baby that is AB positive.

If Mother is a positive and father is o negative what is baby?

Most likely A+ since blood type A is dominant over O Positive or negative is more of a guess since the parents hold the positive and negative alleles, the child will hold one of three combinations --(neg), -+(pos) or ++(pos). So the child will most likely carry the D antigen however this is just the most likely result.

Why would there be cause for concern if a young pregnant mother is Rh negative her husband is Rh positive and this is their second child?

Their children have a 50/50 chance of being Rh Positive. If they have an Rh negative first child, there will be no problems with the second child (with Rh groups).There might be a problem if the first child was Rh positive. It is quite likely that during the delivery the child's blood mixed with the mothers. The mother would then have began producing Rh positive antibodies. This means that if the second child is also Rh positive - the antibodies will 'attack' the fetus.

If Father has o neg and mother has a positive what will the daughter be?

If the mother's genotype is AA, the child can be A+ or A- If the mother's genotype is AO, the child can be A+, A-, O+, or O- Most likely A+

Can a oh positive and a mother that is ab negative have a child that is negative?

If O and positive are both dominant traits than it is possible, but only approximately 25% likely to happen.

What will happen in my second pregnancy if my first child had severe jaudice resulting from me being o negative?

If the first child was Rh positive it is less likely that the jaundice was due to Rh incompatibility unless you had an abortion earlier and did not take anti D. ABO incompatibility is more likely. If you took anti D after the first delivery because the first child was Rh positive then second child may not be affected.