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a clustre, or a group or a conclave for starters.

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A close gathering of people or things is known as a cluster.

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Q: A close gathering of people or things is known as?
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Who write for newspapers?

The people who write stories for newspapers are known as journalists. They do this by collecting information from many people and gathering facts by asking questions.

What is a gathering of people to show dissaproveal of something?

A gathering of people to show disapproval of something is known as a protest or a demonstration. It is a collective action where individuals come together to voice their opposition or discontent towards a particular issue, policy, or event.

Who write story for newspaper?

 A Journalist

When was the information gathering company Experian founded?

The global information gathering company known as Experian was created in 1996. It employs over 17,000 people in 44 countries. Experian was actually a merging of two different companies.

Why did they protest at Lincoln Memorial?

Cause its a good site for a lot of people to gather, and it is a historical place. Therefore, the protest/rally/gathering will become more known and public for the people :)

What things is Germany known?

He is known for killing lots of people and liking people with blonde hair and bleu eyes!!!

Who is credited with gathering and telling the story known as the Odyssey?

Homer is.

Getting things done through people is known as what?


What was the Southern region known for?

Its known for all the things that are in that state and for all the people who lived their or had visited.

What are some things George Washington was best known for?

helping people

What is a group of architects called?

A gathering/group of architects is known as a confusion of architects

Is conflict most likely to develop among people in close relationships?

Conflict can occur in any type of relationship, including close ones. Close relationships involve strong emotional ties and high levels of interaction, which can sometimes lead to disagreements or misunderstandings. Open communication, empathy, and compromise are key in resolving conflicts and maintaining healthy relationships.