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If your colleague's girlfriend is winking at you, it could jut be his way of being nice to you. It is also a good possibility that he is flirting with you.


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There are many possible answers to this question:If she has no romantic interest in those guys, she may not be looking for signs of interest from them.If she is friends with these guys, she may be more certain than you that they are not really flirting with her.she might not have the confidence to believe that guys would flirt with her.her definition of flirting might be different to yours - what you call flirting she may just see as teasing, being friendly, kidding around, etcshe might notice it, but not want to say anything because she feels shy or embarrassed by it.she might notice it, but know that you don't like it and worry about your reaction (or over-reaction). Some people blame their girlfriend if someone is flirting with her, even when she is not encouraging the flirting and isn't interested in the person flirting with her. It might seem easier just to brush it off and say she doesn't notice.

It is quite possible that she was flirting with you. The fact that she touched you on your shoulder is a good indicator.

you cant really deal with it if you go to her school or if you see her alot around town.Jus be friendly and try to avoid her as much as possible.

The point of flirting is to get across subtly that you're interested in more than only talking. As such it flirting in itself is something that tries to make itself noticed, so there would be no point flirting with a girl without her knowing. It's possible of course that she doesn't realise you're flirting, if your flirting is too much like normal chatting with a friend.

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