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That questions answer would be an ecosystem. Me being a Science teacher.


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A community of organisms and their abiotic environment is called an ecosystem. An ecosystem includes many different types of species that work together with nonliving materials.

A population consists of boitic and abiotic factors.A community consists of abiotic factors only.

Abiotic means not derived from living organisms, an absence of's to living things in an environment

A group of organisms of different species living together in a particular place is called a community. An ecosystem is a community that interacts with the abiotic factors of their environment.

The difference between an abiotic and biotic enviorment is an abiotic enviorment had living organisms in it while a biotic enviorment contains nonliving organisms.

Ecosystems can be named in two ways; biotic or abiotic.... Either 1) Based on the abiotic environment (Eg. Freshwater Marine) 2) Based on the primary/dominant biotic organisms/species in the community

Abiotic factors are essentially non-living components that effect the living organisms of the freshwater community.

A community of plants and animals interacting with each other and abiotic factors in an environment is called an ecosystem.

Organisms that are able to manufacture organic nutrients in the a biotic environment are classified..?

Three abiotic parts of a marsh community would be water, climate, stones, and soil. These all effect the living organisms in the marsh community.

An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment. Energy, water, nitrogen and soil minerals are other essential abiotic components of an ecosystem.

Biotic is when the things in an organisms environment affects it eg (predators compeditors). Physical or abiotic is when the the things in an organisms environment are non-living, eg (Climate, type of soil).

the abiotic factors in a certain community or ecosystem are those factors related more directly to the environment surrounding the organism. some abiotic factors include temperature, rainfall ans salinity.

The importation of organisms is the introduction of foreign organisms into an environment. The importation of organisms can be both good and bad, and be an example of abiotic factors.

There are two factors in an environment. Biotic factors and abiotic factors. Biotic factors are living organisms that affect other organisms. Abiotic factors are non-living factors such as temperature, sunlight, humidity, soil, etc.

Any of the nonliving factors that make up abiotic environment in which living organisms occur is an abiotic factor. They include all aspects of climate, geology and atmosphere that may affect the biotic environment.

a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. An ecosystem is an environment where the biotic and abiotic components interact to meet their five basic every needs thanks to their survival a system formed by the interaction of a community of orgasms with their environment. Also helps animals Community of plants and animals is along with the surroundings and a kallum is the its the habitat were animals live

an abiotic environment is a non-living environment

what are example of abiotic community

A community unit with a relationship between its physical environment is called an ecosystem. An ecosystem contains both abiotic and biotic factors.

If you mean community, a community is a group of interacting organisms sharing an environment.

A Biological community of interacting organisms and their environment

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