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Q: A container into which you sweep dust?
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What 7 letter word that means a container which you sweep dust?


What is the job of ciliated epitheliel cell?

They sweep dust and microbes

How do you pick up broken glass?

Pick up the larger pieces carefully so as not to cut yourself. Sweep the smaller pieces into a pile and use a dust pan or shovel to place them in a rigid container for disposal.

Can you bathe a Degu in dirt?

Degus should take their bath in Chinchilla Dust. I have found that putting the dust in a container such as a glass fish bowl, or a container that will keep the dust from flying around. My degu's usually put their garbage into the container after taking their bath. They know I will change out the container. They are so intelligent. This dust keeps them clean and keeps the skin clean of oils that build up.

How did opal in the book of winn dixie persuade Otis to come to the party?

She promised to sweep and dust

Which cytoskeletal structures on the lining of the respiratory tract are needed to sweep dust and debris away?


How do you use hamster bath dust?

Put the dust inside a container and fill it with enough dust to roll around in. Leave the container inside the cage for about 15-30 minutes or so and then remove and throw away the bath dust and viola! A clean and soft hammy!

What do you use when sweeping the floor?

Usually a broom. Sweep the dirt pile into a dust pan and then deposit it in the trash.

How should you store an autographed football?

store it in a dust free, glass container. anything with no dust or dangers of being stained.

What is the function of ciliated epithelial cell?

It helps sweep dust away very useful. it does the sweep brush action like we cough and trap help mucus. Cilia cells are very useful for carrying those functions.

What are the superstitious beliefs about the day and night cycle?

Do not sweep during night time. When you sweep the dust out of your house your luck will go out.Do not play during night time because you might bump into some unseen creatures.

How do you prep a floor to tile?

It needs to be a clean and smooth surface. So scrape it and sweep it. Make sure it is smooth with no dust or debris.