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Q: A crack in the earth's surface along wich movement takes place?
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What is a crack in the rock of the Earth where movement has occurred?

A crack in the earth's crust would more correctly be termed a discontinuity (this may also be known as a fracture or fissure). A discontinuity on which relative movement has occurred is known as a fault.

What is a Crack in the earth's surface along which movement takes place known as?

This is a fault.Fault

What Crack in earths surface that sprouts water?


What can occur to earths surface as a result of plate tectonics?

they shake and crack it.

A crack in the earths crust caused by tectonic plate movement is called a?


What is a crack in the rock at a plate boundary called?

If there is movement of rock along this crack, then it is called a fault.

What is a crack or break in the bedrock along with no movement has occurred?


What is the the long crack in the earths surface in east Africa?

The East Africa Rift System

An is a crack or break in the bedrock along which no movement has occurred?

a fracture

What is the scientific defeniton of a fault?

A crack in Earths's crust along which rocks move. It is created by a transform boundary.

How tension crack causes slope failure?

Thension crack is generated by the difference in shear movement along the failure surface or slip plane. It formed in the upper slope face before the major failure surface appeared. So, the total shear resistance and thus the safety factor will reduce after this tension crack developement. However, this tension crack will stop developing when it reaches a critical depth. And, a new tension crack will develope behind that previous crack.

A break in the crust along which rock moves?

This is called a fault.== ==