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use the key to unlock door

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What do you do when you have battery that cannot be recharged?

replace it

What is the problem to a ups that cannot charge a battery?

The battery is defective and has a dead cell. Replace the battery.

How do you charge idog?

idogs cannot charge, you need to replace the battery.

How do I replace the battery in a garmin nuvi 255?

This usually cannot be done except by returning it to the manufacturer.

Replace iPod battery?

If you send your ipod to apple or another ipod repair store, it costs about 50 or 60 dollars for them to replace your battery. (Sometimes if apple cannot fix it, they send you a new ipod instead)

Dead battery 98 new beetle no power to the power door locks and cannot get to the hood latch release to open the hood to replace the battery is there any other way to get the hood open?

do you not have a key to open the door? if you do, use it to open the trunk and climb through to open the door manually

How do you replace iphone battery?

You Cannot,They cant be replaced,im not sure but i think Apple can,but for a high price,im not sure though.

How do you reset the hewlett packard battery?

A battery cannot be 'reset'.

What 12 volt battery is best to replace 6 volt battery bank and retain ample reserve capacity?

If your load runs on 6 volts, you cannot replace it with a 12 volt battery. You will be exceeding the voltage rating of your load and will start a fire.If you want more amps (capacity) then you can wire more 6 volt batteries in parallel with the first.

How can you open the hood of a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer if the cable doesn't release the latch?

On my 97 mountaineer you cannot open the hood with the release inside the truck. Standing in front of the truck on the drivers side behind the grill the cable is located to pop the latch. Carefully pull out the bottom right side of the grill and you have to have a skinny arm reach in and pull downward on the cable itself this will pop the hood...

A battery cannot store energy?

Sure it can.The battery's job is to store energy. If your battery cannotstore energy, then you must either recharge that one or elseget a new battery.

How do you top the battery water?

Use distilled water. If the battery is a sealed battery you cannot add any water.

Is there an app for ipod touch that has a backup battery?

No. A battery is physical and cannot be downloaded as software.

Can electricity flow without a battery?

i think current cannot pass without battery.

When a computer says it cannot identify the battery what does it mean?

It means the battery is at like 1%

What machines is cannot use battery?

Yes, and then.

How do you Charge a Samsung Sc-D353 NTSC with out the battery?

You simply cannot as it is THE battery that you are charging...

How do you reset an everstart car battery?

There is no such thing as resetting an automobile battery. You can recharge it but you cannot reset it.

How can you get your battery to charge with out the charger?

You cannot charge a battery without a battery charger or having it charged by the alternator in your vehicle while it is running.

2001 Dodge Neon cannot get started battery has been replaced twice but you can't even get the starter to turn over has happened several times and each time mechanic replaces battery and claims altern?

Ever tried replacing the starter negative battery cable is often overlooked double check it and replace any corroded wires or battery clamps

Mercury mountaineer power windows?

Depending on the age of the Mountaineer, they all come with power windows now. The driver has control of all 4 windows and can also lock them so other passengers cannot roll up or down their window.

How do you charge my amps in my battery?

You cannot change the amps in an existing battery. If you want to increase the CCA you will have to purchase a new battery with a higher rating.

Could your starter cause your battery not to charge?

No, a starter cannot cause a battery to fail to charge. It could cause the battery to discharge quickly.

Why can't nylon be used to make a car battery?

Nylon cannot be made into car battery because it is not resistant to the acid in the car battery.

How do you turn on a flashlight without a battery?

You cannot turn on a flashlight without battery inside. That's impossible if the only energy of flashlight is a battery.