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The excretory system can include the skin, lungs, and the kidneys. Follow the related links for diagrams and further explanations.

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Do snakes have a excretory system?

Yes. They do have an excretory system.

What organ system is bladder in?

Urinary or excretory system.

Are the skin and lungs in the Excretory system?

Yes, they are in the excretory system.

What are the similarities between the urinary system and the excretory system?

Both systems excrete wastes. The urinary system has excretory functions. There is not really an excretory system.

How does the endocrine system affect the excretory system?

The endocrine system sends messages using hormones. It delivers messages from the nervous system to the excretory system. It tells the excretory system when the blood is out of balance.

What is the function of an excretory system?

the excretory system is the system which by waste materials like urine is eliminated..... one of the parts of the excretory system is the kidney which filter the blood...

How is the excretory system different from the respiratory system?

the respiratory system is made of bananas and the excretory system is made of your guts

Is the spleen part of the excretory system?

No , spleen is not part of excretory system , it is part of lympatic system .

What does the excretory system of most animals do?

some animals takein the excretory system

What organs are found in the excretory system?

The organs in your excretory system are your kidneys and bladder.

What system removes solid and liquid waste?

ExcretoryThe Excretory Systembladder

What does the excretory system control?

The excretory system gets rid of body wastes.

What do the functions do in the excretory system?

The functions in the excretory system work with the urinary things

How do you use Excretory System in a sentence?

The Excretory System reduces excess waste.

What is the main organ of the excretory system 5th grade answer?

The main organ in the excretory system is the kidney. The kidney is the main organ that controls the excretory systems for vertebrates. It is also part of the Urinary system which is part of the excretory system.

Does the skeletal system work with the excretory system?

No, the skeletal system works with the muscular system. The excretory system works with the digestive system.

How does the respiratory system helps the excretory system?

The excretory system and re oratory system both include the lungs

Does the digestive system work with excretory system?

Yes. What isn't digested in the digestive system passes to the excretory system.

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