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Revolutions per minute is the # of times an engine makes a complete 360 revolution in one minute.

If the rim doesn't slip on the ground, then the distance for each revolution is (diameter x pi).2.5 x pi = 7.854 (rounded)

Not unless there was a problem with the drive gear on the starter that makes contact with the flywheel.

He makes approximately 600 USD a minute. (I think.)

The minute hand of any analog clock moves 1 revolution per hour. (60 minutes to an hour) The second hand makes 60 revolutions an hour. (Each tick represents one second, one revolution per minute, equals 60 revolutions an hour.)

starter not engaging flywheel properly. Replace starter, Checking for damage to flywheel while starter is removed.

"Diameter from the Sun" makes no sense. Mars has a diameter of 6792 kilometers - a bit more than half of Earth's diameter.

The Sun's diameter is about 110 times the diameter of the Earth, which makes the Sun about a million times the volume of the Earth!

He makes about 169.4$ a minute.

Could be any number of reasons. Loose, bendix not engaging the flywheel correctly, worn out and bendix is chipping the teeth of the flywheel.

The camshaft makes 2 for every revolution of the crankshaft

No, the flywheel is bolted to the back of the crankshaft. It is a large metal disk with teeth around the outer edge for the starter to turn the motor. There is a smooth surface on the flywheel face. when the clutch is engaged it is catching the flywheel so to speak, by pressing the two surfaces together tightly. This makes them one and so the engine is now turning the gears in the transmission, which ever you have selected at the shifter. A flywheel is only in a manual transmission.

5000 revolutions in 11000m = 1 revolution every 2.2m Circumference is 2.2m Circumference is diameter times pi 2.2m dividied by pi divided by 2 (to go from diameter to radius) = 35.014cm

It makes one revolution around the sun every year, and one revolution on its own axis every 24 hours.

60 minutes makes one hour.

The same way as you do minute. It's the pronunciation of it that makes the difference.

Mercury has a diameter of 4,878 km, which makes it the smallest planet in our Solar System. For a comparison, the diameter of the Moon is 3,473 km.

A lightweight flywheel doesn't make the car go faster because it doesn't increase the power output and the weight that it saves is irrelevant. What it does is that it improves throttle response which means that it makes the engine rev quicker, and it makes the car feel faster.

You have to understand that two radius makes up a diameter. That means if given the radius you can just times it by 2 to get the diameter 4 cm= 8cm diameter

A millimetre is a unit of measurement of length. A diameter is not. The question, therefore, makes no sense.

The sun's core is about 25% of its total diameter. Since the diameter of the sun is 1,390,000 km, this makes its core 347,500 km in diameter.

Say you start at 12 o'clock. If the minute hand goes around the clock once in a complete circle, it turns to 1 o'clock. thus, the hour hand makes it a 30 degree angle.

Oprah makes USD$433 per minute

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