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Fugue subject.

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Q: A fugue is usually introduced by a short piece called a?
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The main theme of a fuge is called the?

The main theme of a fugue is called the "subject." It is the main melodic idea that is introduced at the beginning of the piece and is then developed and imitated throughout the composition.

What does the word fugue most commonly mean?

The word "fugue" is usually used as a musical term. It refers to a piece of music which consists of two or more parts, each with a similar melody. Bach was noted for his fugue compositions.

Was JS Bach the only composer who wrote a piece called Toccata and Fugue?

Heavens no. Dietrich Buxtehude, Johann Pachelbel, and many other prominent composers used the title "Toccata and Fugue".

Polyphonic composition based on one main theme?

A polyphonic composition based on one main theme is known as a fugue. In a fugue, the main theme, or subject, is introduced and then developed through contrapuntal interactions of multiple voices. The result is a complex and intricate piece of music where the various voices intertwine and interact around the central theme.

How long did it take Bach to write toccata and fugue?

We need to find out if Bach even wrote toccata and fugue first. It is usually accepted that it is a piece by a very young Bach. If he did write it, it is very different from every other fugal that Bach wrote. He probably made it quickly because if Bach did write this, it was as a practice or test piece.

What is the principal element of a fugue?

The recurring theme of the piece. It can be presented with different tempos or keys.

What does toccatta and fugue mean?

The Toccata is a a virtuosic composition with brilliant passages done in a free style. The fugue is a compilation of the same "tune" repeated over and over again in different voice parts and in different key signatures, eventually returning to the original key that it began in and can end in a major or minor key.

What was Bach's greatest piece?

Bach Alive Toccata & Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565 (for organ).

What do you call a piece of cloth?

A small piece of cloth is usually called a patch. A small piece of cloth could also be called a rag or a washcloth.

What do you call a small piece of cloth?

A small piece of cloth is often referred to as a "fabric swatch" or simply a "fabric scrap."

What year was the song Toccata and Fugue in D minor made?

Bach actually wrote two toccata-and-fugue pairs in D minor, both in 1708. The most famous one (appeared in the original Fantasia movie, and often used as a stock piece of generic "scary music") is BWV 565. The other, sometimes called the "Dorian" toccata and fugue, is BWV 538. Check the number if you're looking to buy a recording!

Introductory piece of music?

The introductory piece of music for a long composition is usually called the "overture."