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If you are "pro" in the gun control debate, you are for less gun control. In other words, you are "pro-gun".

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Q: A gun control debate when you are pro?
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Was Ross Perot for gun control?

Yes, Ross Perot is for gun control. He was not a typical Conservative and was pro gun control and pro choice.

What is a person against gun control called?

A person against gun control. A pro-gun advocate. A pro-2A advocate (in the US).

Is Idaho pro or against gun control?

It is extremely anti-gun control.

What part of the constitution is at the heart of the gun control debate?

The second amendment.

Where can somebody find the latest information on the gun control debate?

Somebody can find the latest information on the gun control debate from US News, Forbes, Policymic, Guardian and ABC News websites. One can find news on the rights and reports regarding gun control from these sites.

What political party is pro gun control?

That would be the Democrats.

How long has the gun control debate been going on?

Gun control legislation in the United States began in the 1930s, but the debate has gone on primarily since the late 1960s. Please see the Related Link for a timeline.

What has the author Marjolijn Bijlefeld written?

Marjolijn Bijlefeld has written: 'The Gun Control Debate'

What's an occasion for pro and con?

it is a debate An occasion for pro and con is: debate

What has the author Sharon Fuller written?

Sharon Fuller has written: 'The Gun Control Debate' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Firearms, States, Gun control, Wisconsin

What are some hot topics for debate?

Hot topics for debate would include abortion, gun control and immigration. Social security and taxes are also popular debate topics.

What are the release dates for State of the Union with John King - 2009 Gun Control Debate Vice President Biden?

State of the Union with John King - 2009 Gun Control Debate Vice President Biden was released on: USA: 13 January 2013

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