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Rocks usually get different concentration levels as different strata are reached. The silica and magnesium content in rocks increases as the depth increases.

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What is the word for a mass of some mineral in the rock or in the ground?

You think to concentration ?

What happen to animals with high concentration of vitamins mineral and water?

it will die

Which relative concentration of elements is found in a felsic rock?

A high concentration of aluminum, and a low concentration on iron.

A body of water that contains a high concentration of dissolved mineral matter?

Hot Springs

What type of rock is dolostone?

a sedimentary carbonate rock that contains a high percentage of the mineral dolomite.

What kind of rock is garnet?

Garnet is a mineral most often found in high grade metamorphic rock.

is rock salt a rock or mineral?


What is mineral toxicity?

The term mineral toxicity means a condition where the concentration in the body of any one of the minerals is abnormally high, and where there is an adverse effect on health.

Can a rock be a mineral?

Yes gold is a mineral and a rock.

Mafic mineral low or high density?

Mafic magma and rock are higher in density that felsic magma and rock.

Is rock a mineral?

A rock is not a mineral however a rock is made of several minerals

Is a pumice rock a rock or a mineral?

Pumice is an extrusive igneous rock, not a mineral.

What is a mineral and rock?

what is a mineral

What rock and mineral is a brick made of?

the mineral is clay and there is no rock

Is The high concentration of mineral ions in the plant cells causes water molecules to move into the plant by diffusion?


How does Hard water form?

Whenever the concentration of dissolved mineral salts gets too high, the water becomes hard water. Hard water has very high dissolved mineral content as compared to soft water. It is mainly due to increase in the concentration of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions in water.

What type of mineral would form under high heat and pressure?

metamorphic rock

Is sapphire a rock or mineral?

It is considered a mineral, and when applied loosely, also a rock.a rock

What processes control whether or not a mineral will precipitate from an aqueous solution?

The two variables are the concentration of that mineral in the solution and the solubility of that mineral in water. If the concentration of the mineral is higher than its solubility in water, some of the mineral will precipitate out of solution.

What is a rock mineral?

It is a mineral or a number of minerals which are part of the composition of rock.

Is jade a mineral or a rock?

A jade is actually both a mineral and a rock.

Is plastic rock or mineral?

Plastic is neither a rock nor a mineral.

How can a rock look like a mineral?

A mineral is a rock, so yes.

Is salt a rock or a mineral?

Table salt is the mineral halite. Rock salt is a sedimentary rock.

Is cobalt mineral igneous rock sedimentary rock or metamorphic rocks?

Cobalt is a mineral, not a rock.