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A steam engine uses water, steam, and heat.

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It is an engine of one or more cylinders which relies on steam pressure to move a piston along.. Water is heated in a boiler, the steam expands though a tube into the cylinder and the pressure forces a piston to move. If the piston is connected to a crank this horizontal motion can be converted to a rotary motion which can then drive a locomotive, machine or pump. +++ That does not really answer the question. The Steam Engine is a type of Heat Engine - i.e. it converts heat energy to mechanical energy.

Water needs to be heated to enter its gas phase as steam.

Steam car wash using a high pressure steam machine to clean an engine.Steam Cleaners and Steam Vapor Cleaners are an environmentally safe cleaning system utilizing tap water, heat and pressure to make hotter steam vapor. A safe, chemical free, cleaning and sanitizing cleaning system.

Thomas is a steam driven tank engine. A tank engine is a locomotive that carries water in either one or two tanks, rather than towing a water and fuel tender.

steam engine you idot that why there call steam boats

Water is vaporized and forms steam; steam is already a gas.

a steamboat was a boat with a kind of engine made of steam

No, the compound noun "steam engine" is a common noun, a general word for a device used to generate power by the use of steam; a word for any steam engine of any kind.A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing; for example, Steam Engine USA (company) in Providence, RI or "A Short History of the Steam Engine" by Henry Winram Dickinson.

Anything that will burn hot enough to boil water and produce steam. In the old days coal and coke were among the best, but wood was also be used. Modern steam turbines can be run from a variety of heat sources.

The impact that the steam engines had during the industrial revolution was that a factory could be located anywhere with a steam engine.

The gases in the bubbles in boiling water is steam.

Thermal energy produces the steam, which is then expanded to drive a turbine blade or a piston in an old fashioned steam engine.

Steam is water in the vapour (gaseous) state; Ice is water in the solid state; liquid water is water in its liquid state - but the water's composition is the same in all three states.

A beam engine is a kind of steam engine where a pivoted overhead beam is used to apply the force from a vertical piston to a vertical connecting rod.

What kind of engine? There's steam, gasoline, diesel, 4 stroke, 2 stroke.

yes when you add sugar to water and heat it up it turns into a kind of syrup

what kind of heat resistant paint for motorcycle engine one for red and one for chromo can you help me to find the right ones thanks a lot george

A steam engine would be one example, a motor car engine would be another.

This question is so short that it's not completely clear exactly what the questioner is after, but I guess they want to know how to convert heat energy to mechanical energy. There are many machines that do this. One obvious example is a steam engine. Some fuel (wood, coal, oil, gas, etc) is burned, the heat is used to boil water and create steam, the steam is used to drive a turbine (or pistons), the energy which is now mechanical, goes through some kind of transmission and turns wheels. A much more simple example is the "dipping or drinking bird", a simple toy made from glass, about 4-5 inches long. here is a link: It's too complicated to fully explain here, but basically it is a "heat engine" which converts heat energy into mechanical energy (movement)

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