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they are called polymers

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Q: A large molecule synthesized from many monomers is called a what?
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What is a large molecule that is formed by more than 5 monomers?

A polymer is a large molecule that is formed by more than 5 monomers. Polymers are also found in macromolecules.

Why does a cell need to break down polymers into monomers?

Because macromolecules are large molecules and are insoluble. It is easier to store them and use them when they have been hydrolysed to smaller molecules and are made soluble.

Is poly amides a polymer?

A polymer is a large molecule made up of repeating units. These units are called monomers. In a polymer, monomers may be both identical or non identical. In polyamide, as the name suggests, the monomers are amides and it is a polymer.

Large organic molecules that are synthesized from multiple subunits are?

Molecules that are synthesised from multiple subunits are known as polymers. The subunits are known as monomers. An example of a polymer is a protein, which is made up of amino acid subunits (monomers). A large organic molecule, usually created by polymerisation of monomers is known as a macromolecule. This includes nucleic acids, proteins and carbohydrates.

What is definition of polymers?

Polymer is a large molecule composed of unit molecules called monomers.

How Both Nucleic Acids aNd Proteins And Polymers?

A polymer is a large molecule made up of repeated subunits called monomers. Nucleic acids are polymers that are made up of monomers called nucleotides. Protein is a polymer made of monomers called amino acids.

Large molecules that are formed by joining smaller organic molecules together?

A polymer. The smaller molecules are called monomers. For example, many glucose molecules (the monomers) linked together make a starch molecule (the polymer). Similarly, many amino acid molecules (the monomers) linked together form a protein molecule (the polymer). For more in formation about polymers, starting at the very beginning, see:

Why is a rubber tire has a one large molecule?

Because it is a polymer, which is a series of monomers linked together in a structural pattern to form one molecule.

What must you remove to synthesize large biological molecules?

A molecule of water is removed with the binding of two monomers. For this reason, it is called a dehydration reaction.

Are momomers large moecules?

No. A monomer is a small molecule that may bind chemically to other monomers to form a polymer. It is the polymer that is the large molicule.

What is monomer monomer monomer polymer?

a monomer Polymers are composed of monomers.

A specific molecule repeated over and over in a chain is a?

polymer. A polymer is a large organic molecule composed of repeating subunits called monomers. The monomers are connected through covalent bonds, forming a long chain-like structure. Examples of polymers include DNA, proteins, and synthetic materials like plastics and rubber.