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Q: A negative effect of a fixed stare is?
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Why a bill could have a negative effect on business?

this can stop you from doing certain tasks until it is fixed so it is a negative for essential business.

What is a fixed stare?

being blind from other cars

How do you use the word stare in a sentence?

Stare means "Look at with fixed eyes" Example sentences are: The students stared at the teacher with amazement. Do not stare at me.

What does he fixed her with a icy stare mean?

cold , icy sight

The effect of positive or negative 'g' on autorotation in fixwed wing aircraft?

AUTOROTATION is only for Rotary Wing aircraft...not fixed wing

Is pollute is a negative or positive?

negative effect negative effect

Is gaze positive or negative connotation?

Gaze is more positive than "stare" or "ogle".

What is another way to say 'To look with a fixed gaze'?

Another way to say, to look with a fixed glaze is to stare. You could also say to look intently.

Can the fixed cost be negative?

the fixed cost can be negative if and only if the basis of calculating the fixed cost is not realistic or representative such as the high low method that relies on extreme values only to ascertain the fixed and variable cost.

Does a roller coaster have a negative or positive effect on the brain?

Negative effect on the brain.

What Is The Negative Effect Of Evaporation?

A negative effect of evaporation is that the liquid turns into gas.

How is the term stare properly defined?

There are a few definitions for stare. One, to look fixedly with open eyes. Another is to have an effect on. A third is to be forcefully apparent or evident.