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Q: A parking space is 7.5metres by 5.2 meters what is the area of the parking space?
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What Puerto Rico cities have parking meters?

Almost all of Puerto Rico's citys have parking meters in the downtown area.

Does an area need to be marked as no parking in order for a ticket to be enforcable?

Yes, look out for parking meters also.........

How much is the fine for parking in a handicapped zone in Texas?

In Amarillo Texas the fine is 507.00 for the first offense. This includes parking in the space and parking in the striped area next to a Handicap parking space.

A diagram shows the plan for a parking space at a 45° angle. What is the area of the 45° parking space Round to the nearest square foot?


The parking area for us cars and vans prior to reaching the search area should be how far from inhabited areas?

350 meters

If an asphalt parking lot measures 100 m 500 m calculate its area in square meters?

This is simple 100 X 500 = 50,000. The area is 50,000 square meters

What is the area of Windy Hill Open Space Preserve?

The area of Windy Hill Open Space Preserve is 4,581,041.4701568 square meters.

What is the parking space requirement for a 300 seat auditorium?

Parking regulations vary by municipality. You will need to check your local zoning and/or development regulations for the requirement in your area. Most codes will require a certain number of space based on the number of seats (e.g. 1 parking space for every 4 seats) or based on square footage (e.g. 1 parking space for every 250 SF).

What is the minimum required slope of asphaltic surface parking area?

Generally 1 in 300 is sufficient for parking space, but it can be variable depending upon the location/conditions of site

How do you barricade a handicap parking space while performing construction in that area in NJ?

i don't know how it works in the US, but in England the local authority has to sort out alternative parking for the disabled.

How to calculate the number of car-park spaces needed for a university and is there any standard for it?

1 car required 25 sq. mts space for surface parking 1 car required 35 sq. mts space for basement parking you can calculate your area how much car is ur requirement u can dive area with car area

How many parking spaces in a given area?

That kind of depends on the space given but genrally guessing about 100 to 150 spaces.