A person searching for something

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A person who searches for something is a HUNTER.

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Q: A person searching for something
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What is a boys name that is a person searching for something?


What is a boy's name that means a person searching for something?


What is the word for He Who Is Searching in one of the native American languages?

In Natick (the Wampanoag language) it is natinneham.In Arapaho it is notiih (if searching for someone); notiitii (if searching for something).In Ojibwe it is andawaabam (if searching for someone); nanaandawaabandan (if searching for something).

What is another word for looking for something in a drawer?


What is an array searching?

That means that you search for something within an array.

What is online searching?

Its where u look 4 something on the internet

What were the Virginian colonists searching for?

Gold or something else valuable.

What are investagations?

an investigation is when someone is searching for something in a certain way

Who is Shane heiser?

A person who you have no buisness searching up!

How does a ventilator help a person breathe?

i am also searching for it

What are some uses for two way radio headsets?

It would be easy for people to keep track of one another if they're searching for something over a large area such as a missing person. A more comfortable example would be two men at a warehouse searching for a product.

Do detectives use handcuffs?

Yes if they know the person is guilty, the person they have been searching for.