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A person who does illegal things for money?

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That would be considered a criminal.

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How can you get illegal asthma inhalers?

you can have person that has asthma buy them for you. give the money .... and "moooree'!

What does hobnokker mean?

A lowlife person who does illegal things and is a alcoholic and does gross stuff

Do you get any money for reporting illegal immigrant?

Yes!!! You can get up to $800.00 per person!!!

Is it illegal if you tear money?

the Destruction of money is illegal but i forgot why

What are the effects of illegal drug money on economy of a country?

Illegal drug money keeps money out of the economy of the country. The government can not tax illegal drug money.

If your 16 is it illegal to have a relationship with an 18 year old?

It's not illegal, but since the person is an adult, things might happen, so you should be careful.

Is it illegal to paint money?

Yes, any kind of defacing to money is illegal.

How can a person from Australia marry an American without meeting before getting married?

It sounds to me that it would be considered illegal, is one of them illegal, is there money exchanged? be careful.

Is illegal money lending a valid contract?

no wee man it is no a valid contract, as the person(s) lending the money arent licensed and this is seen by law as an illegal agreement or Pacta Illicita as the children of God call it.

What things can a person do with a stolen social security card?

Get Money

Is it legal to sell loose cigarettes?

Yes it is. if the government cant make money, it is illegal to sell things.

Is it illegal to print money off a printer?

Yes it is illegal because money comes from the government. If you print off money it's illegal because you didn't get it from the government.

Is it illegal to marry for money?

No. Although not illegal, it is unethical.

Is bittorent illegal?

No bittorent is not illegal but some of the things you use it on are illegal to do.

Is legal tender the only form of money that you can use to buy things?

Well, I'm pretty sure you can't use ILLegal tender to buy things...

Is it illegal to make a fake Facebook?

Actually, yes. It is illegal to make a fake Facebook of someone your not. You can get charged loads of money and could go to jail, for personating another person.

Is it illegal to beg for money on the street?

Is it illegal to mug someone.

Is it illegal to hit a handicapped person?

Why does it make a difference that the person is handicapped? It is usually illegal to hit any person.

How does a person choose or use a credit card?

When they have no money to buy the things they want.

Is it illegal to save money?


Is it illegal to carry no money?


Is burning money in the US illegal?

technically yes! it is illegal to burn money and ask for replacement bills from the government

Can one marry an illegal and get the person to be legal and when the get dirvoice the citizen marry another illegal and get the person legal?

If you marry an illegal, that person is considered a citizen. But when you divorce that person their citizenship is revoked. STATED BY AUTHOR

Against law hide an illegal person?

Yes, it is against the law to hide an illegal person.

Who is having black money?

Who are having huge incomes but not paying taxes, who take bribery, who do illegal things are having black money. Eg: Industrialists, Govt officers, Smuglers....

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